Kanye West Makes Defiant Choice By Reportedly Filing For ‘Yews’ Trademark

Kanye West Makes Defiant Choice By Reportedly Filing For ‘Yews’ Trademark

Kanye West might be returning with a vengeance after being canceled for his antisemitic remarks. The rap/fashion mogul is reportedly gearing up for a business comeback under a new name that seemingly plays off the term “Jews.”

On Oct. 6, word got out on Kanye’s reported plans to secure trademark rights to “YEWS,” a phrase he wants to use on various business ventures, TMZ reported. The filing is linked to an LLC called Ox Paha Inc., which shares the same address as Kanye’s office on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

The document lists Ye’s plans to slap the “YEWS” name on everything from financial services and real estate to clothing, music, and streaming content. There are also reported plans for audio, entertainment content, beauty products, restaurants, and more.

The naming of the new company is quite the choice, considering the backlash Kanye faced after he allegedly praised Adolf Hitler on Alex Jones’ Info Wars and made a series of disparaging remarks against Jewish people on social media.

As a result, the “Stronger” rapper lost out on multi-million dollar deals with Adidas and Balenciaga and saw his short-lived billionaire status drastically drop to his current reported net worth of $500 million.

Many are already sounding off about the new trademark filing and seeing it as another attempt at attacking the Jewish community.

“But why tho,” one fan asked under Daily Loud‘s Twitter/X announcement.

Kanye’s most recent antics include ruffling feathers with his wife, Bianca Censori, in Italy with their unique fashion choices and alleged inappropriate behavior on private boats.

Kanye and Censori were banned from one Venetian boat rental company after the rapper was seen with his pants down and bare backside on the vessel while his wife had her head near his lap. Their actions led many to believe the couple was being naughty when the captain wasn’t looking.

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