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Lil Jon Manifests Abundance On New Guided Meditation Album, ‘You Have To Change Your Way Of Thinking’

Lil Jon is assisting us with turning down and tuning in to ourselves with his second guided meditation album "Manifest Abundance."

After 20 years of helping us turn up, Grammy Award-winning rapper/producer Lil Jon is assisting us with turning down and tuning in to ourselves with his second guided meditation album, “Manifest Abundance.”

As part of his transition into the wellness space, the “Turn Down for What” hitmaker is releasing his second guided meditation album this year during Mental Health Awareness Month. Three months after the release of his debut meditation album “Total Meditation,” Lil Jon is following up with his nine-track album, “Manifest Abundance: Affirmations for Personal Growth.”

On the album, 10-minute sessions guide listeners in manifesting abundance through positive affirmations of happiness, positivity, health, opportunity, and more. The voice better known for getting crowds hype with his signature “YEAH,” “WHAT,” and “OKAY” is now bringing listeners into the present by asking questions like, “Who am I?” “Where do I come from?” “What do I want?” and “What will I do to make my dreams come true?”

“These affirmations can help you to get into a different mindset because sometimes we get caught up in a rut and we’re worrying about everything going on in life,” Lil Jon tells BLACK ENTERPRISE. “But you have to change your way of thinking.”

Lil Jon says positive thinking is vital when manifesting abundance, noting how we can bring about what we think about.

“Whatever you think about and whatever you say is what you’re putting out into the universe,” he said. “You’re basically manifesting the negative things that are happening to you.”

The new album coincides with his partnership with the wellness supplement brand Natural Vitality, a leading wellness supplement brand on a mission to create a more accessible approach to people’s holistic mental well-being. The company’s science-backed magnesium-based products work to support a balanced mood, sleep, or focus, which is perfect for a meditation session.

“Their supplements are magnesium supplements and magnesium is a mineral that helps with mood regulation, stress management, helps to calm your mind, helps to you relax and ease tension,” Lil Jon explained.

“It also helps with your muscles to relax. So that’s what when you meditate. That’s what you have to calm your mind.”

Lil Jon made sure to share the perfect mantra to use throughout the day.

“No matter who you are, this is what you want out of life. I am happy, I am healthy, I am at peace,” he shared.

Press play below to learn more about how Lil Jon found the balance between partying for work and practicing mindfulness during his downtime.

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