Macro Influencer Ariana Fletcher Talks About Debut Makeup Line, Impact ATL & More

Macro Influencer Ariana Fletcher Talks About Debut Makeup Line, Impact ATL & More

Self-made trendsetter, acclaimed influencer, and boss mom Ariana Fletcher, otherwise known as The Real Kyle Sister, is coming in hot this fall with the release of her debut makeup line, Remedy by Ari.

From Instagram model to full-time entrepreneur in the beauty space, Fletcher is taking her years of experience and is pouring it into her business.

“I know [a lot] about the business. Once I started seeing that a lot of people were gravitating [toward] me and [that], they liked what I was doing and just [the] little things about me [like] how I would look [I paid attention]. I’m really super into beauty too. Like my makeup and how I dress. They really liked it. They [were] like, oh, I want this. I want what she got on, I like her makeup, and [that is how] I knew I had influence,” Fletcher stated. 

After losing her Instagram account a few months ago, she began to think about life beyond social media.

“I think that when I lost my Instagram some months ago, it really made me [think] like, OK, I really need to hurry up and drop my line because I don’t want to have to depend on other brands. I mean, Instagram [and] social media is alright. [But] I needed something more,” Fletcher said. 

With over 10 juicy glosses, one eyeshadow palette, and eight opulent lip liners, Ari is setting an unexpected record. Within three hours of releasing the lineup, the brand sold out and is currently preparing to fulfill a massive pre-order rollout. 

(Image: Courtesy of SK Visions)

“Don’t give up; follow your dreams. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can and cannot do. And don’t think that change cannot happen. And you can make a complete 360 and do the right thing and grow and learn from your mistakes and just continue just to keep pushing because the sky’s the limit,” Fletcher said. She also plans to do pop-up shops around the country and advises supporters to get ready for an extension of the makeup line.

“Now I [want] to do some pop-ups, like in Sephora’s, in different cities, and see how that works out. We’re just getting started. This is the first drop. We [are] doing it all. This is the teaser right here. We [are] doing foundation, we [are] doing lashes, dip brow, concealer, shimmers, [and] liquid matte lipsticks,” Fletcher stated. 

From doing bottle service at clubs to folding towels at nail salons to becoming a self-made money machine, this launch is a full-circle moment for her, and she is not stopping there. 

Currently, Fletcher is creating a ghost kitchen and custom seasonings. In addition, she is featured in BET+’s newest docuseries, The Impact ATL. The show follows the top influencers in Atlanta and Ari’s rise to stardom. In the show, Ari will talk about her dearest late brother and best friend, Kyle “KJ” Jamison, and her early beginnings in Chicago. 

“I think it definitely is a super big accomplishment. This is a little big for me, especially [because of] where I come from. A lot of people don’t really get to, you know, take that step and see a different life. I’m just thankful that I have,” Ari stated.