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Marvel Reportedly Eyeing Keke Palmer For A Big Role In The MCU

There are growing rumors of Keke Palmer joining Marvel and fans know who they want her to play.

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are debating amid reports of Keke Palmer joining the MCU in a major role.

The rumor mill started spinning on Thursday, April 25, after a Marvel source page claimed the popular media franchise is looking to place Palmer in a major role within the shared universe. With no official confirmation and only hearsay, Marvel fans are already debating on who they think the “Nope” star should play.

“Come on now, SUGAH!” one fan wrote along with a still of Palmer dressed as the X-Men character Rogue.

“Storm or Rogue for me…,” added someone else.

When reviewing commentary from Marvel fans, many are on board with Palmer either taking on the role of Rogue or Storm in a potential X-Men reboot. The last Storm was played by Halle Berry, and Anna Paquin portrayed Rogue.

Having Palmer take on the role of Rogue would be a major shift for the character, who’s been portrayed as white since the comic book’s inception. However, the Emmy Award-winning TV host has teased her skills with taking on an action role within the MCU.

Other possible Marvel personas include the shapeshifting Mystique of X-Men, which Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence have played in the past. Palmer could also portray Spider-Woman, who appeared in animated form in “Across the Spider-Verse” and was voiced by Issa Rae.

Elsewhere, with Jonathan Majors being fired from his MCU role as Kang The Conqueror, his character is up for grabs, and we could see one of Kang’s many variants come back in the form of a woman played by Palmer. With it being the MCU, the possibilities are endless, and if the rumors are true, Palmer could possibly be gearing up to portray one of these popular characters.

Palmer is known for being active on social media, but amid the heightened speculation, she has been noticeably silent on the topic.

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