UBR Morning Post: Mobile Tech and Social Media Maven Corvida Raven

This week on The Urban Business Roundtable, UBR Executive Producer TaQuoya Kennedy talks with Corvida Raven, self-proclaimed geek and founder of SheGeeks.Net. An expert on mobile technology and social media applications, Raven is a blogger and entrepreneur who works to help companies and individuals to grasp and effectively engage with social media to help boost their marketing, branding and efficiency.

Raven, who has worked with companies and brands such as Chevrolet and Intel, is a co-founder of Everything Twitter, an award-winning Twitter application resource, and The SocialGeeks Roundtable Podcast, featuring discussions about social media trends with leading technology influencers. She sits down with Kennedy to explain how social media, new technology and entrepreneurial innovation can harnessed into a powerful force for small business owners.

Also, UBR Contributor Renita Young speaks with Richard-Abraham Rugnao, senior manager of government relations and global diversity for YUM! Brands, about the art of branding, and why mastering it is an important part of showcasing who you are, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

In addition, every week on UBR, you’ll get motivation and inspiration from author and entrepreneurial icon Farrah Gray, a weekly wrap-up of business news from USA Today business correspondent Charisse Jones, our Patient Investor Report from Ariel Investments and key economic intelligence for small business owners from our UBR economists Derrick Collins and Rasheed Carter.

And finally, in my “Alfred’s Notepad” segment, I share strategies from Felicia Joy of Ms. CEO Media, author of the new book Hybrid Entrepreneurship: How The Middle Class Can Beat The Slow Economy, Earn Extra Income and Reclaim the American Dream ($20, Joy Group Press). Hybrid entrepreneurship goes beyond run-of-the-mill moonlighting, challenging people with full time jobs to launch and run businesses that complement and enhance their careers. I’ll reveal Joy’s keys to becoming a successful hybrid entrepreneur. UBR listeners who’ve registered for the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference, scheduled for May 22-25, 2011 in Atlanta, will learn more about hybrid entrepreneurship and other important business trends. Don’t forget listen to the show for the code to get a special discount when you register for the conference.

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Alfred Edmond Jr.

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