Model Honors Late Fashion Designer By Hitting The Runway At Funeral In Viral Video

Model Honors Late Fashion Designer By Hitting The Runway At Funeral In Viral Video

The model of a deceased fashion designer went viral by walking the red carpet at his funeral.

A model from New Jersey has gone viral for walking the catwalk at a local designer’s funeral.

In early November 2023, loved ones gathered in Newark for a “Red Carpet Viewing” honoring designer Vernest Moore, who died in October 2023. Guests walked a red carpet leading to the end to view Moore’s open casket.

Friend and model Erica L. Carrington attended the service sporting one of his gorgeous designs. In a viral video, Carrington can be seen posing for pics while walking the red carpet and stopping in front of the casket. Attendees enjoyed her performance, cheering and clapping for her as she descended the carpet. After posting the video on Instagram, the model said it was hard to believe that would be the last time she strutted for the deceased designer.

“I can’t believe this would be my final walk for you, so I WON’T,” she wrote. “From now on…even if I’m not walking FOR YOU, I’ll be walking WITH YOU because I know you’ll ALWAYS be with me.”

Before it was revealed who the deceased was to the model, social media users were laughing—and shocked—at her performance.

“[Uncle] Ruckus would have had a field day with this one,” @CJTHEDAY wrote. Another said, “Wow. LMFAO! Mama said EVERYWHERE is a runway.”

Others applauded her for how she honored her friend, including influencer Kalen Allen, who said he understood why she did it.

“Don’t hate me…since they are honoring him as a fashion designer…I kind of get it,” Allen wrote on Twitter.
The comments under the model’s Instagram post were a lot more endearing.

“Listen! I need new friends because I’m here for all of it!”

Another follower gave Carrington some much-needed flowers.

“NOW, THIS IS HOW YOU HONOR & CELEBRATE SOMEONES LIFE !!!! I love everything about this,” @thegodrashi wrote. “Funerals are intended to be celebrations, and this was so creative and over the top. I don’t know him, but I’m sure he’d have it no other way. Sending you love and condolences. You ate this!!!”