Nathalie Nicole, depression

Serial Entrepreneur Nathalie Nicole Smith Offers 4 Key Tips For Stress-Free Entrepreneurship

The grass is not always greener where the money is. 

NN Body CEO Nathalie Nicole Smith, a multi-millionaire author and serial entrepreneur, once quoted rapper Biggie Smalls’ “more money, more problems” when asked about mental health and her status as a high-earning woman entrepreneur. A common misconception people have is linking happiness to the size of their bank accounts. After Smith’s quick rise to the top, she was faced with traumatic experiences that resulted in her experiencing PTSD and a battle with depression. However, Smith was determined to combat her depression. She focused on using her experiences with mental health to help others make financial gains while maintaining and enhancing their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Now, Smith is sharing her key tips that every entrepreneur should know, so as not to be traumatized by their success.

Keep God First. 

“When you keep God first, you’re able to stay grounded. You’re also able to hear strategy so you can move in the right direction confidently,” Smith shared.

Hire Help. 

“As you grow as an entrepreneur, you will learn you cannot do it all by yourself. Hiring the right team that believes in you and your mission helps guide you, and it makes executing your plans a lot smoother.” 

Never Stop Learning. 

“As you grow and evolve, you need to expand your mindset. Things are forever changing, and you want to make sure that you’re living life on the offense.”

Keep Working On Yourself. 

“Create a routine that you can stick to. Make sure the routine is feeding your mind, your body, and your spirit.”

The NN Body CEO reflected on the importance of raising awareness about battling depression and mental health while maintaining a flourishing business. She described mental health as a significant factor in ensuring financial success as an entrepreneur. Smith emphasized the importance of educating people on mental health to “ensure that more are given a fighting chance to not only break generational curses but sustain generational wealth.” When faced with her battle with mental health concerns, she “had no idea how to deal with it, cope with it, or overcome it.” As she hopes to educate others on mental health, she believes this will prepare entrepreneurs to face any obstacles sent their way and equip people to make the best decisions. 

After experiencing PTSD, Smith has moved forward on a journey of positivity and healing as she embraces her new vision of being a woman boss. She has used her battle with mental health to help her learn and move forward on a successful journey. Smith said she has “learned to trust God and what he has in store.” She attributed much of her success to receiving spiritual guidance and how this has led to her being excited about her future plans and the endless possibilities life has in store for her. 

Smith offered her advice for small business owners striving to reach multi-million dollar success. She highlighted the importance of sticking to a goal and learning to trust the process. Although plans may change, “when you learn to channel all of your energy into your passion, you will no longer doubt the process.” Smith believes success is more than how much wealth someone can accrue. “Success is deeper than money. You can be broken and rich,” Smith shared with BLACK ENTERPRISE. “Your mental health, your spiritual health is what will keep you successful.” 

Smith shared her future goals and plans as she expands her “Women Who Boss” movement. She aims to impact the world and help women grow spiritually, physically, and financially. She is striving towards “creat[ing] a safe place for evolving women to believe big, brand big, and build bigger.”

Smith provides master classes and a membership community on the Women Who Boss website. The mission of this site is to create healthy environments online that provide positive experiences for women bosses.