NNPA Announces Major Partnership That Gives Exclusive Investment Opportunities To Black Publishers

NNPA Announces Major Partnership That Gives Exclusive Investment Opportunities To Black Publishers

Black publishers will now have a chance to grow, thanks to a new partnership.

The National Newspaper Publishers Association recently announced a deal with Reset Digital, giving Black-owned publishers access to media investments with Fortune 500 companies they didn’t have access to before. Using a new program called Neuroprogrammatic, advertising will be more effective. The NNPA, known as the trade association for America’s Black-owned media companies, made the announcement during the 2023 Midwinter Training Conference in Puerto Rico.

The theme for this year’s conference was “Digital Innovation Training and Engagement,” as reported by the Washington Informer.

Charles Cantu, CEO and founder of Reset Digital, says the advertising platform appeals to a broad audience based on emotions and affinities versus “sub-sets of consumers defined by demographics or other bias-laden attributes.” “Many studies have proven that it drives the best inclusive-effective advertising because when brands touch our hearts versus target us based on what we look like, where we live, or how much money we make, we respond with our true interest, purchase from, and evangelize them, Cantu said, according toa press release.

According to 4As, certain publishers the Savannah Tribune, The County News, Chocolate Diamond and The Atlanta Voice, received the news first while attending the conference. Major brands such as AARP, GM, Hyundai, Nissan, Pfizer, and Wells Fargo, were also in attendance.

Reset Digital’s partners already include top brand partnerships with companies like P&G, GM, Verizon, Newsweek, and more. NNPA President Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. says working with Reset Digital will bridge and close a digital media gap. “Reset Digital has already showcased how biased and inaccurate these assumptions are as the biggest brands in the world are driving major successes on its platform,” Chavis said. “We will stand as the “trusted multimedia voice” of Black America, combining our digital assets and inventories to advance and increase economic sustainability in the communities we mutually serve.”