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5 Perks Of Business Travel For Black Solopreneurs

Are you a solopreneur by choice or by necessity? In a survey done in collaboration with Carbookr, 70% of respondents think traveling for business is necessary, compared to 30% who find business travel is not crucial.

Here are five advantages of business travel for the boss who wants to expand beyond what they already know.

Maximize your travel spending dollars

This year you traveled to Senegal for a conference—and you were trapped inside a luxury hotel for 10 hours a day—but an auditor is requesting more than just the receipts.

  • Archive email threads related to your trip. An auditor wants proof of intent, so we recommend placing the archive in a separate file. Aside from transportation, lodging, and meals, you can write off tips, laundry, telephone, and Internet service, but only if you keep relevant documents.
  • Maximize your budget via business travel. If you do a lot of international business travel, use a digital wallet or a credit card with a worthwhile rewards points program.

Flex stagnant parts of your brain and skill-set

We don’t believe in growth at any cost. Or the cost of freedom.

  • Adaptability: Don’t travel in your comfort zone if you are seeking to push your boundaries and adapt to your surroundings. A new city or country can be a shock but immersing yourself in different cultures and with like-minded people is a whole new vibe.
  • Problem-solving: Exploring unfamiliar territory does wonders for our entrepreneurial mindset. It forces us to sharpen our problem-solving skills as we experience a more heightened sense of awareness. From commuting around a city where you don’t speak the language to adjusting to cultural norms, being in a new place ignites us to get uncomfortable, flexes stagnant parts of our brain, and lets us get a little more creative than we’re used to.
  • Communication skills: Due to language barriers during international travel, you will face specific difficulties and learn to communicate with people through gestures and facial expressions. Mastering non-verbal communication and becoming more observant will benefit you in rooms everywhere down the line.

Cast away burnout with a routine reset

Without employing a full team, solopreneurs often handle all of the operations themselves or enlist contractual services. If this doesn’t cause burnout, a routine can definitely do the job. Frequent business travel is not the ideal leisure trip or self-care getaway so it can also lead to burnout. How do we avoid this?

  • Prioritize your health by minimizing stress. That is the most important of it all. Our minds should be clear and open to be inspired. From advance preparation and avoiding heavy foods to drinking lots of water, do your best to maintain your usual health routines and/or recreational pursuits. This will help you continuously focus your mind and keep a positive outlook while you’re doing business. Then you can return home with that same energy.

Explore, learn, and co-create with business in mind

A new stamp on your passport is exciting, yes. But with different lifestyles come different needs. Pay close attention to the behaviors and attitudes of the consumers in the city you’re visiting. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or for business, you may find out various things about economies and markets that can help you better strategize for the future.

  • Shift your perspectives and gain new ideas. This breaks down the division we see between people, enhancing our ability to identify and overcome microaggressions and stereotypical thinking.
  • Co-create or take your business mindset to higher levels. We recommend you observe how other local businesses operate and adopt best practices that can help you improve your own operations.

Grow a longer portfolio of profitable and valuable connections

Let’s be real. Online or remote interactions are not always the spark that ignites a network opportunity. In-person connections with profitable and useful acquaintances cannot be replicated.

  • Build personal relationships beyond the role and title. Whether you’re stateside or abroad, establish a stronger sense of trust and credibility with vendors, suppliers, and potential partners who can potentially expand your business’ reach. For example, attending conferences, workshops, trade shows, and industry events are exemplary spaces to be in if you really want to take advantage of your business travels. While there’s certainly no guarantee every person you meet will be a game-changer for your business, it never hurts to mingle and form a new connection.
  • Don’t forget to follow up with new contacts. We suggest sending a personalized email or message to extend your gratitude for sharing their time. Reiterate your interest in working with them. This will help keep the lines of communication open and demonstrate your commitment to cultivating a new business alliance.


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