Philadelphia Sisters Save Community Coffee Shop, Use It To Empower Black Women-Owned Businesses

Philadelphia Sisters Save Community Coffee Shop, Use It To Empower Black Women-Owned Businesses

Vine + Vault owners Breana and Diana Baye restored a community gem nearly lost to inflation when they took ownership of the plant, coffee, and gift shop. Now, the pair are using their new lease on good vibes to give back to local, Black women-owned businesses.

Located in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia, Vine + Vault was not the result of a lifelong dream for the Baye sisters. According to CBS News, neither has experience with coffee, plants, floral arrangements, or retail.

“This was not a part of the plan,” Diana said, “It just was something I was passionate about.”

After making a few minor adjustments, including additional seating in one of the greenhouses on the property, the Baye sisters have restored a sense of familiarity that has birthed a deeper connection to the neighborhood.

“It fosters a lot more camaraderie,” Diana said.

“A lot more community when you’re able to sit and have conversations and talk to people from your community that you didn’t even know were here.”

Though still learning the ins and outs of their new business venture, it has always been clear for the Baye sisters that Vine + Vault is where local Black, women-owned businesses can thrive.

Sabali Tea Company and wellness brands Mind Your Grace, and Sage’N ish have all found a home on the store’s gift shop shelves, marking a milestone for their respective brands.

“All three — Black, women-owned businesses — first time in a retail shop,” Diane said.

“And they have been doing very well. I am very happy for them because just getting on a shelf is exciting.” The Baye sisters gracefully face the growing pains of business ownership by fearlessly accepting resources and support from locals.

“Literally ask for help. We are a community,” Breana said. “You’d be surprised how many people want to help you when they see you trying to do something.”

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