Queen Latifah Is ‘Praying Hard’ For Jamie Foxx, Praises The ‘Unicorn’ He Is In The Industry

Queen Latifah is in prayer mode for her friend Jamie Foxx, whom she calls “one of the nicest people that you’ve ever met.”

The award-winning actress and music icon was speaking with Entertainment Tonight about her recent career accolades, which include becoming the first female rapper to be inducted into the Library of Congress National Recording Registry and her Kennedy Center Honors award coming later this year.

But in true queen form, the Chicago star took time to praise Foxx, who is recovering after being hospitalized for a “medical complication” earlier this year. According to Latifah, Foxx has been a behind-the-scenes force in Hollywood who has helped launch other entertainment careers.

“He is secretly behind so many people’s success in music, in Hollywood,” Latifah said of Foxx.

“Jamie is a unicorn, and if you aired a whole show on him you’d be surprised how many people had been put on because they came by Jamie’s house and they invited him over to play piano or make some beats or make some music.”

“I hear so many kind stories about people who tour with him and how he treated them so respectfully and made sure they were all taken care of,” she shared.

“I don’t know how he found the energy to do that after parties, after the shows, but I sure partied with him a couple times ’cause he’d be on the mic and singing. I’d be like, ‘You just did a whole two-hour show and you still at the club doing another [one]!'”

Foxx has been seen publicly in recent weeks, riding on boats and playing sports while he reportedly continues outpatient rehab in Chicago. Latifah is “praying hard” for the Django Unchained star as he reportedly moves toward recovery.

“He’s really the genuine article and I just wish him nothing but the best,” she said.

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