Queen Latifah Unveils Inclusive Obesity Care Symbol That Lets Patients Know They’re Safe

Queen Latifah Unveils Inclusive Obesity Care Symbol That Lets Patients Know They’re Safe

Queen Latifah is back for the next iteration of the “It’s Bigger Than Me” initiative aimed at raising obesity awareness. This time she’s sharing all the ways she stays healthy.

The award-winning actress/musician is no newbie to the “It’s Bigger Than Me” obesity awareness initiative. She moderated “It’s Bigger Than Me Live,” a three-city tour that amplified open and honest conversations about obesity.

This time around, it’s not just about getting healthcare facilities on board to provide better care for obesity patients, participants are being asked to show their support by including the Inclusive Obesity Care symbol inside their establishment.

“The inclusive obesity care movement is about spotlighting the need for an environment of care, free of judgment, free of shame, free of stigma,” Queen Latifah tells BLACK ENTERPRISE.

As part of the Queen’s partnership with Novo Nordisk, “a slew of fantastic doctors” were tapped to come up with a symbol that represents “a safe, respectful, compassionate environment” awaiting obesity patients.

“So whenever you see that symbol, then you know you’re in a safe place to be,” she adds.

While research shows that four out of five African-American women are overweight or obese, stigmas around obesity and weight management care remain an issue that leads many to fear being judged in society and in front of health care professionals.

A recent study found that 66% of participants who reported a history of weight stigma experienced it from their own doctors. Now with the Inclusive Obesity Care symbol, doctors can show their support for the movement and better assure obesity patients they’re in a safe space.

“This is what we want to see at doctor’s offices because obesity is a medical condition. And you need to be able to seek healthcare,” Queen Latifah says.

“Good healthcare, safe healthcare, compassionate healthcare that is designed not just for any one type of person, but for all people.”

Press play below for the full interview and learn more about how Queen Latifah stays healthy with trips to Switzerland and body massages.


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