Relying On Community, Access, And Knowledge, New Platform Hopes To Diminish The Black Wealth Gap

Relying On Community, Access, And Knowledge, New Platform Hopes To Diminish The Black Wealth Gap

Multiple reports have shown numerous attempts to close the nation’s racial gap.

Yet the disparity continues to persist, and is expected to even widen if a fix is not found.  According to The Road to Zero Wealth report published by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies, the median wealth of Black Americans will fall to zero by 2053 if current trends continue.

But Amass, an investment and education platform, hopes to help diminish the ongoing racial wealth gap. It was founded by former NFL coach and author Daron Roberts, along with  Abby Coleman and Harold Hughes, Afrotech via MSN reported. Based in Austin, TX, the business was started last October.

The “members-only deal and content platform” has formed partnerships with venture firms and other investment options. It supposedly offers a less costly fee structure to make it more appealing to people historically marginalized pertaining to alternative investments

“Our mission is to close the black wealth gap through access, community, and knowledge,” Roberts says on the firm’s website. According to the site, Amass offer an end-to-end wealth building that provides access to exclusive deals in such areas as real estate, venture capital, and cryptocurrency.

Amass reports the deals are available to accredited and non-accredited investors alike. It hopes to offer access to “aspirational investments that have the ability to step change your wealth and multiply your net worth.”

Help with personal finances and more education that topic is needed. African America adults trail their White counterparts in that area. This report shows some of the disparities.

Amass also offers teaching on financial literacy, preparation for building wealth, and other material precisely geared for Black Americans. It also pledges to to set members up for long-term success by providing them the tools and insight that have not been available infrequently used by that audience.