[Hillary] Global and Silicon Valley State of Dismay

[Hillary] Global and Silicon Valley State of Dismay

Every #techie and American across Silicon Valley, the nation, and around the world had the hopes of Hillary Clinton being elected as America’s 45th and first female president.  Yet, fate saw things differently.

Various #techie’s took to social media and shared their dismay and inspiration.  One #techie, in particular, wrote on Instagram:

“I’m one of the most hopeful people on this planet. Today, though, I fear for my son’s hope. Democracy did its job yesterday but we didn’t deserve the outcome. To those who drew the false equivalency between Secretary Clinton’s faults and Trump’s, I really hope you feel differently this morning. To those who chose either chose to vote 3rd party or not to vote out of protest, certainly your right as a citizen, but please do understand the impact of that decision. To those who appreciate the progress this country has made (knowing there’s lots more work to do) and voted for Hillary Clinton, know this: I thank you. I support you. I’m with you. My hope they can try to affect. My son’s? No way. Let’s stick together, let’s do our civic duty, let’s continue to be informed and not disregard facts and reason, let’s continue to fight against racism and misogyny. Let’s get the hope back. We’ll win.”

Tristan Walker, CEO of Walker & Company Brands @tristanwalker

Earlier today, Hillary spoke live about the collective journey of herself and her supporters, and gave inspirational insight on the road ahead for our America.

Take a moment to watch the Hillary Clinton Concession Speech recap below:

Although the 2016 Presidential race is complete, here are the top final statements Hillary Clinton made today:

“This is painful, and it will be for a long time.”

“If we stand together…our best days are still ahead.”

“Please, never stop believing.”

“I offered to work with Trump for OUR country.”

“We cherish the peaceful transfer of power.”

“The American Dream is big enough for everyone.”

“Fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

By the way, Hillary’s fashion selection was on point, wearing just a touch of purple. Mrs. Clinton looked very regal, and reminded me a little bit of Prince. I could almost hear him singing “Purple Rain” from the heavens–just for her.

We all look forward to hearing about Hillary Clinton’s new journey, as time progresses.

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