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Snoop Dogg Reveals Secret To Entrepreneurial Success

Snoop Dogg is busy expanding his business portfolio in the food industry with his new ice cream brand, which follows the cookbook and cereal he just released.

The Doggfather’s Dr. Bombay ice cream is a byproduct of when the rap legend had the munchies and would mix different brands of ice cream to craft his own concoction, Hip Hop DX reports. Like the cereal he co-created with rap mogul Master P, the new ice cream is available at Walmart locations nationwide.


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With a series of brands under his belt, Snoop is taking time to thank two of his peers for helping influence his entrepreneurial success.

“I’ll give two people credit for where I’m at right now,” he told TMZ.

“Master P showed me the business, taught me how to brand, market and do all the things that I’m doing right now. But Martha Stewart showed me how to take it to another level.

Snoop and Martha Stewart are good friends who frequently team up to appear in commercials and even hosted two seasons of Pot Luck Dinner Party on MTV. With all the time they spent filming together, Stewart, who built an empire in the home and hospitality space, was able to show Snoop how to monetize his brand as a rap superstar.

“She was always explaining to me about being in different department stores, having the cookbook, expanding my business, doing different things to diversify my portfolio and veritably integrate all of my businesses,” Snoop shared.

“So she showed me how to excel at what I’m doing.”

As for Master P, who signed Snoop to his No Limit Records back when the “Gin and Juice” rapper was leaving Death Row, he educated Snoop on how to intertwine business into his career as an entertainer. Mix that with Stewart’s lessons and Snoop was on a path to entrepreneurial success.

“Master P put me through college, but I believe that Martha gave me that hands-on experience to be able to do things with her that were considered too big for a rapper,” he said.

“But once we got together, you see that people love people, and that’s one thing about me and Martha’s relationship that I love is that it unites people of all walks of life.”

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