SWAT Takes Down Illegal Strip Club Run By Squatters In Metro Atlanta

SWAT Takes Down Illegal Strip Club Run By Squatters In Metro Atlanta

A SWAT team raided a house in the metro Atlanta neighborhood, where they found an illegal strip club operating on the premises. However, neighbors’ concerns exposed even more unusual findings during the Oct. 15 raid.

After multiple complaints ranging from loud house parties to car races starting on the property, authorities investigated the South Fulton home. According to WSB-TV, SWAT resolved the issue after a license plate check located a stolen car in the home’s driveway.

Cops discovered an illegal strip club allegedly hosted on the weekends. According to neighbors, the raid led to the arrest of four squatters, whose belongings included stolen guns, IDs, cars, credit cards, and even horses.

Fellow residents shared how they dealt with sporadic gunfire, piles of trash surrounding the home, and raucous partying spilling out onto the road. The stench of weed was also allegedly prominent. After the raid, DeAnthony Maddox, Jeremy Wheat, Kelvin Hall, and Tarahsjay Forde were identified as squatters.

The raid prompted South Fulton City Council to crack down on home vacancies to ensure squatters do not trespass on those properties. One of the council members, Carmalitha Gumbs, unveiled plans to pursue action against homeowners whose negligence leads to squatters and the subsequent influx of crime.

Although the squatters are gone, Atlanta police continue to survey the property to ensure no new dwellers drop by. The four men arrested face multiple charges, including theft of the stolen items in their possession, as they await trial at Fulton County Jail.

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