Tasha K Claims She’s ‘Broke,’ Offers Cardi B Another Non-Apologetic Apology

Tasha K is attempting to wave the white flag on her years-long legal battle with Cardi B. The vlogger issued an official apology while accusing the rapper of sucking her finances dry.

In a lengthy statement posted to her Facebook page on Thursday, September 14, Tasha K got candid about the defamation case she lost to Cardi and listed exactly what she was found liable for and the pricey consequences she was ordered to pay.

According to the bankrupt YouTuber, she wasn’t found guilty of saying anything that hadn’t been claimed by other sources, including Cardi, and there’s no proof she ever said anything negative about the rapper’s father. Now after losing the case and being ordered to fork over $4 million for spouting allegations about Cardi having an STD and using illegal substances, Tasha says she is working with the courts on a payment plan.

She’s asking Cardi for some peace and understanding while accusing the “WAP” rapper of wanting her “broke” and unable to send her kids off to college.

“You want me out my home, broke, & my kids to not attend college!” Tasha wrote in her statement.

“Your lawyers only continue to bill you 100k plus a week, looking for money we don’t have! But I can get it. Over time. Your lawyers have collected the 4 million that’s owed to you by simply making you pay for it by keeping you in litigation due to your lack of education.”

Tasha went on to offer Cardi an apology and a truce on their legal war. Tasha even suggested that Cardi turn the whole ordeal into a documentary and take all of the profits.

“Sincerely I apologize for any harm caused to you and your family!” she wrote.

“Me & the courts are attempting to work out a payment plan, but if you want the FULL amount paid in cash. Call a production company to film all of this and you take the money made from it and put this behind us! Cause nothing will stop me from doing what I love & hopefully nothing will stop you as well!”

Tasha K recently appeared on Comedy Hype where she cleared the air on the lawsuit and denied claims of fleeing the country in an attempt to avoid paying Cardi the $4 million she owes.


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