Tasha K Offers Sarcastic Apology To Cardi B Fans After Losing Defamation Case

Tasha K might’ve lost in Cardi B’s defamation case against her, but the YouTuber is laughing all the way to the bankruptcy bank!

Amid Tasha K’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in the wake of being ordered to pay Cardi $4 million in defamation damages, the vlogger has reignited her social media war with the Grammy award-winning rapper.

It all started after Tasha added her two cents to Cardi’s criticism of the wealthy stepson who attended a Blink-182 concert amid his stepdad missing on the submersible that was to tour the Titanic wreckage, as noted by the New York Daily News.

According to Cardi, Brian Szasz came off as a little insensitive to the fact that his billionaire stepdad was inside a submersible that lost connection with the outside world en route to viewing the Titanic wreckage in the Atlantic Ocean. Tasha K took that as an opportunity to criticize Cardi’s behavior in the wake of Takeoff’s murder last November.

“Wasn’t she posting guns right after Takeoff died,” Tasha wrote in a comment on The Neighborhood Talk. “And on the internet cutting up not long after his sudden takeoff.”

That’s when Cardi took to Twitter to fire back at Tasha’s “despicable” way of reigniting their long-standing feud that resulted in the vlogger owing the “Up” rapper millions. She explained how she and her husband, Offset, were both still grieving Takeoff’s death.

Cardi also said Tasha’s latest shady jab only motivated her in their ongoing legal battle.

“Since you wanna be funny for comments, imma make sure your kid don’t go to college,” Cardi quipped.

Tasha seemingly dug herself into a deeper hole with a follow-up post on her page that aimed directly at Cardi and all those mourning the loss of the late Migos rapper.

Cardi then took to Twitter Spaces to warn Tasha about the judge’s ruling in their defamation case and told the vlogger she is “going to jail” if she gets caught hiding her money after filing for bankruptcy.

But that didn’t stop Tasha. On June 22, she fired back with an “official apology” to Cardi B’s fans, blaming herself for why the Bardi Gang is still waiting for the “WAP” rapper’s second album.

“She’s been in court with me for 6 years distracted from her purpose,” Tasha wrote in a note posted to her page.

Then, as if she still hadn’t learned her lesson in the multimillion-dollar defamation suit she lost, Tasha shared her take on what’s causing the delay in Cardi releasing another album.

“Atlantic is broke and won’t help pay for a 2nd album, Offset in court fighting to release an album, and my sis-in-law sold her rights to her catalog off too early in her career,” Tasha claimed.


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While this gives free promo to Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s new “Barbie World” collab, it most likely puts Tasha K in a deeper financial bind as it relates to her defamation case with Cardi B. Hopefully Minaj can help Tasha foot the $4 million bill.

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