The Green Rush: How to Make “Weed Money” Legally

If you know weed, or you’d like to, then you need to know Scott Greiper, CEO of Viridian Capital. Why? Because to know weed is one thing, to make money by being in the know is an entirely different beast.

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Greiper’s Viridian Capital Advisors is a financial and strategic advisory firm dedicated to the cannabis market. This company provides investment banking, market intelligence, investor relations, and corporate development services to emerging growth companies in the cannabis sector. Interested yet? Sure you are. Read on.

Viridian seeks to provide capital and M&A to fund the growth of clients in the cannabis industry, helping to position and build cannabis businesses. Its mission is to provide comprehensive strategic and financial solutions that assist cannabis enterprises in realizing their full potential. Oh, so now you want to know all about Greiper.

At the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit, Greiper will join the first black woman to own a cannabis dispensary in Colorado, President of Cannabis Global Initiative, Wanda James, as they enlighten attendees (you) on positioning their business to get in on the cannabis action, right now. From these experts, you will learn precisely which doors are opening and what you need to do to enter those doors.

Listen people, this cannabis business is booming FAST. As a community that has been so affected by the “war on drugs” for so many years, it is so explicitly necessary for us to grab these reins and run fast and hard, full steam ahead. No way will we sit on the sidelines avoiding profit from an industry that has been the bane of our existence for far too long. This is our chance, and we will take advantage. Final answer.

Surely, the big questions here are what and how? Black Enterprise is here to help. Do yourselves the life-changing favor of registering for the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit as a first step into your career in cannabis. The more you know, the more you grow (pun intended).

As a teaser, check out Black Enterprise’s Senior Finance Editor Stacey Tisdale, as she interviews Grieper at the Viridian Cannabis Investor Conference in New York City on how to invest in the marijuana industry.

Register now. See you May 4th-7th, at the Loews Hotel Miami, Miami, Florida.

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