‘The Lawnmower Man’ Gifts Pre-Teens With New Lawn Equipment For Completing 50 Yard Challenge

‘The Lawnmower Man’ Gifts Pre-Teens With New Lawn Equipment For Completing 50 Yard Challenge

Two 11-year-olds from Gadsden, Alabama, received a special surprise for doing a good deed from the “Lawnmower Man.”

Ja’Torrian Taylor and Tevin Rice, founders of TJ & JT Mowing Service, decided to complete the 50 Yard Challenge, created by “The Lawnmower Man” by mowing lawns of the elderly, veterans, and others who couldn’t properly take care of their lawns for free, Upworthy reported.

Because they stepped up to the plate, The Lawnmower Man, also known as Rodney Smith Jr., surprised the boys with new equipment to keep their business going. Smith made his way to Gadsden with a new mower, a blower, and a trimmer so their hard work can shine after he was told Taylor and Rice were sharing an old lawnmower that a neighbor gave to them.

“Giving these boys lawn equipment is teaching them discipline,” Smith said. “If they tell someone they are going to mow a lawn, they need to mow the lawn.”

Taylor and Rice joined the challenge after seeing an older woman holding a mower in one hand and a walker in the other, KMBC reports. The young entrepreneurs finished the job and their business was born. “These are good, hard-working kids that deserve some gratitude,” Smith said. “Remember, this is not the end; it’s just the beginning.”


Smith created the challenge back in 2017 and started Smith’s Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service. As of May 2023, close to 5,000 teens have participated in the challenge nationwide.

To prove the challenge was complete, participants send in a picture of them holding up a sign saying, “I accept the 50 Yard Challenge.” Afterwards, the teens receive a white Raising Men/Women shirt along with shades and ear protection to get started. For every 10 yards cut, a new color t-shirt is provided.