Toya & Reginae Get Real About Family And Life Drama In New Reality Show

Toya Johnson-Rushing and Reginae Carter are ready to take reality TV by storm with their new WeTV series Toya & Reginae.

The new show offers fans a peek at what’s happening in their love lives, family, and careers, and follows how they navigate those relationships. Giving fans an inside look into the ups and downs of one of Atlanta’s most dynamic mother-daughter duos, viewers are also introduced to other members of their family, including Toya’s mom, siblings, and Reginae’s close circle of friends.

As the ex-wife and daughter of hip-hop legend Lil Wayne, Toya and Reginae have both worked hard to build their own brands and empires. Toya & Reginae sees the two managing their businesses, like Toya’s gym, co-owned with her husband, Red Rushing, and Reginae’s career as an actress, YouTuber, and owner of her fitness apparel line I Fit In.

For Reginae, the show is a labor of love as fans will get to see how she’s grown and matured since her early days growing up on reality television.

“You can see the growth in me I feel like everybody watched me literally grow up in this in the social media world and now you’re going to see me become that mature adult and humbling myself,” she told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

It’s been a journey for Toya watching her eldest daughter enter adulthood and move out into her own home. Now with Reginae relocating to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, they are maintaining a close bond as not only mother and daughter but as friends.

“It’s crazy because we’re so close now but I feel like the balance of why we’re so close now is because I have so much respect for her,” Reginae shared.

“Like every other mother and daughter you go through a rough patch when your kids are going through the teens, but where our relationship is now like stronger than ever,” Toya added.

The powerful pair are no strangers to the spotlight, with every tweet, comment, or post they make being dissected on popular blogs. But the new show highlights how social media is just scratching the surface of their real lives.

“Toya & Reginae” can be watched on WeTV every Thursday at 9 pm ET and on AMC Networks streaming service ALLBLK every Monday. Press play below for the full interview.