Former Basketball Player Tre Simmons To Debut His Own Ale, TR3

Garfield High School basketball coach Tre Simmons has extended his entrepreneurial endeavors by launching his own ale brand in his hometown called TR3. 

According to The Seattle Medium, the hometown hero, who already has a clothing brand called True Motivation, recently partnered with one of two Black-owned breweries in Seattle’s Central District, 23rd Ave Brewery.

Simmons’ ale, “TR3,” with the number three substituting the letter “e” in his name. The number three in “TR3” also signifies the record-breaking 80 three-pointers he made in a single season while playing at the University of Washington (UW).

Simmons says the ale is made using a grain build usually found in whisky distillation. Raspberry puree and a non-apple mix are also incorporated, bringing a unique tasting “Washington Apple” beer.

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“It’s a hazy ale that has a natural raspberry flavor with a Washington Apple kick,” says Simmons. “The grains are made from whiskey. For those who aren’t big beer drinkers or alcohol drinkers, you would also like this—it goes down really smooth, and it is light.”

The official launch of TR3 Ale will be on June 7 in Seattle at Queen Anne Beer Hall. The event will be hosted by Chukundi Salisbury, with Simply Seattle also present to sell its merchandise.

“I hope to see TR3 Ale enjoyed worldwide one day, and I rely on the support of the people who have always been there for me, near and far, to help spread the word. I can’t embark on this new journey alone,” Simmons shared. This latest collaboration marks another milestone for the former basketball player that he can proudly add to his ever-changing résumé. 

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