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Tristan Thompson Needs “Additional Evidence” In Order To Gain Legal Guardianship Of His Brother

A judge mandated Tristan Thompson must present "additional evidence" to secure guardianship of his 17-year-old brother, Amari Thompson.

A judge has mandated that NBA veteran Tristan Thompson must present “additional evidence” to secure permanent guardianship of his 17-year-old brother, Amari Thompson.

Court documents obtained by reveal that a hearing was conducted last week to address Tristan’s petition seeking to be named Amari’s permanent guardian. While Tristan was appointed temporary guardian in September, following their mother Andrea’s death, the recent ruling requires further documentation for a permanent arrangement.

The court previously granted Tristan “all powers a parent having legal custody of a child would have” until December 2023. At the recent hearing to solidify this order, the judge emphasized the need for “additional evidence by supplemental declaration or additional documentation” and scheduled a follow-up hearing on February 1 to allow Tristan time to gather the required information.

Tristan’s temporary powers have been extended until the next hearing, according to the outlet. Amari, facing epilepsy and other medical conditions, requires constant care, and Tristan has fulfill the latter role since Andrea’s death. Tristan, in court documents, explained that their father, Trevor Thompson, has been absent from Amari’s life for years with no fulfillment of support obligations.

Tristan’s lawyer outlined Trevor’s long-standing absence, stating that Trevor has allegedly actively avoided responsibilities since Andrea gained sole custody in 2014. With Andrea’s passing, Amari is set to receive $114,000, which Tristan wants to protect.

“A Guardian is also needed to protect Amari’s inheritance from loss or injury,” Tristan’s petition emphasized. Seeking American citizenship, school enrollment, and international travel for Amari, Tristan asserted his commitment to providing for his brother’s well-being. The petition stressed that Tristan has been Amari’s primary caregiver since Andrea’s death.

Despite Tristan’s petition facing no objections, additional legal challenges emerge, as his ex, Jordan Craig, recently sought wage garnishment over unpaid child support.

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