Tristan Thompson Files For Guardianship Of Brother After Death Of Their Mother

Tristan Thompson Files For Guardianship Of Brother After Death Of Their Mother

Following the unexpected death of his mother in January, NBA free agent Tristan Thompson has been taking care of his 17-year-old brother, Amari

According to reporting from People, Thompson has filed paperwork to gain legal guardianship of his brother. Amari has epilepsy and several other conditions, which require around-the-clock care.

Thompson claims in the court documents that Trevor Thompson, the father of both Amari and Tristan, has not been present in Amari’s life since 2014. The court document attempts to establish that Tristan is the best choice to ensure that Amari has a stable home life, and it reads in part:

“Appointing a guardian for Amari would be in his best interest because it would ensure that someone would be responsible for providing and fulfilling his basic needs. Further, Amari is set to receive a modest inheritance from his recently deceased mother and a guardian wouldn’t be able to manage and invest in Mary’s inheritance on his behalf.”

Tristan Thompson plans to apply for U.S. citizenship for his brother, who like Tristan, is Canadian.

The court documents state that Amari has received $103,475 from his mother’s estate and Tristan would take over the responsibility of caring for Amari and managing his financial affairs as well as his medical appointments. Tristan has already taken Amari in, and he lives with him in his Hidden Hills home in California.

After Tristan’s roof caved in not long ago, Khloe Kardashian, with whom Tristan has two children, allowed the brothers to live with her while it was being repaired. 

The Thompsons’ mother, Andrea, died after a heart attack she suffered at her home in Toronto on Jan. 5. Shortly after, Tristan flew from Los Angeles to Toronto so he could be with his family.

According to TMZ Sports, Tristan was very close with his mother, and Khloe was as well.

Following speculation that the two had reconciled because of Amari and Tristan living with her, Kardashian told People, “Tristan and I are not back together. I know it’s hard for everyone to believe but I love, love, love Andrea and I love Tristan. I love Amari, and this is what family does. Tristan is the father of my kids.” 

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