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Victoria Monét Axes Social Media Manager For Response To Hip-Hop Beef

Victoria Monét was forced to terminate a staffer for accidentally liking a post related to rappers JT and GloRilla's recent Twitter war.

Singer Victoria Monét was forced to terminate a member of her team for accidentally liking a post related to rappers JT and GloRilla’s recent Twitter war.

The Grammy award-winning singer was minding her business rehearsing for her upcoming set at Coachella when she caught wind of her good name getting intertwined into the messy back and forth between JT and GloRilla. In a short video shared online Friday, April 5, Monét clears up any confusion for fans who might’ve been triggered by her Twitter likes related to JT and Glo’s X, formally Twitter, spat.

“I have an entire team logged into my account to make tweets and posts for me when I’m busy,” she explained. “I got pulled out of rehearsal to be told that someone on my social media team did something that they weren’t supposed to do, thinking that they were logged into their account.”

The “On My Mama” singer explained how the since-terminated staffer had been logging in and out of their personal and work accounts when they mistakenly got caught up in the rap feud on Monét’s behalf.

“I guess they were going back and forth between their account and my account, and pressed some buttons that they shouldn’t have fu*king pressed,” the singer said.

“Which is really irritating because I really have no problem with either of them [GloRilla and JT]. I’m sending so much love. I don’t fu*k with Black women beefing online. I want everyone to love each other, hug each other, support each other.”

Noting the backlash she was receiving for the slip-up, Monét said her fans had every right to “cuss me out” since they were under the impression she was liking the shady tweets about the female rap beef.

But the “Jaguar 2” singer confirms that “I would never do that. I support my Black women. I only uplift them.”

She concluded her video post by confirming that the staffer who liked the shady tweets under her account has since been “fired.”

JT has been involved in a series of X/Twitter feuds in the last week including one messy back-and-forth with Memphis rapper GloRilla and most recently her own City Girls group member Yung Miami. The feud with GloRilla took new heights after the rapper name-dropped JT on her “Ehhthang Ehhthang” track “Aite.”

GloRilla was recently asked about her Twitter spat with JT while attending the 2024 CMT Music Awards, to which she seemingly responded with a subtle plug to her latest musical release.

“Everything just always everything,” she told Billboard. “At the end of the day, that day gon’ motherf—in’ end. Everything is everything. That day gotta end.”

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