4th Annual Virginia Black Business Expo & Business Conference Features Sheila Renee Designs

Sheila Renee Designs will be featured in the 4th Annual Virginia Black Business Expo & Business Conference on Aug. 11—13 this year. Sheila Hawkins shared with the Baltimore Times how excited she was to partake in the event with other Black business owners.

As the company’s CEO and chief creative designer, Hawkins plays a big part in creating custom jewelry and clothing items with unique bling and designs. The company focuses heavily on things like Converse, tumblers and bottles, Crocs, and shirts; more notably, they offer classes on blinging things out yourself and elevating your craft business. Sheila Renee Designs is based in Waldorf, Maryland, and was started in 2018.

Hawkins said, “Our class, “Bling Like A Boss!,” teaches the art of bling. We offer Crocs and Converse classes. We will be adding additional bling classes soon. Also, we will be offering crafting courses like jewelry making, sublimation, how to make t-shirts, and other courses.”

She shared how excited she was to bring her business to Fredericksburg, Virginia, for the expo and conference. Not only does she believe that it will help drum up more attention for her business and gain more clientele, but she also feels that the event will be an opportunity to network with other prominent Black-owned businesses.

Hawkins described the space itself as incredibly valuable. 

Black business owners need to have a space to network and meet new customers. Networking allows business owners to build relationships, share knowledge and gain valuable insights. Having a dedicated space for Black business owners to network can also provide a sense of community and support. Additionally, it can create opportunities for collaboration and partnerships, which can lead to business growth and success.”

“Additionally, Black vendor events often feature unique and diverse products and services that may not be available elsewhere, providing attendees with a chance to discover new and exciting offerings. Overall, attending and supporting Black vendor events is a meaningful way to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society,” Hawkins added.

The Annual Virginia Black Business Expo & Conference is one of the largest of its kind and was co-founded by Ernisha and Tracey Hall. The event will have vendors from the East Coast area. Ernisha told the outlet that the goal was ultimately the “economic empowerment of Black businesses” and that they intend to further the mission by creating spaces to give Black businesses the exposure they deserve with education, directory, and networking opportunities. 

The 4th Annual Virginia Black Business Expo & Business Conference will be three “days of shopping, entertainment, culture, and education with different leaders,” according to Ernisha. There will be activities over the weekend, like concerts, brunch, a skate party, food trucks, a career fair, and shopping spots.

“Overall, it’s about recycling the Black dollar,” Ernisha said. “There’s going to be over 100 vendors here to shop with.”

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