Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Vogue Editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson Removes Job From Bio After Anti-Israel Posts

Vogue editor-at-large Gabriella Karefa-Johnson is leaving fans to wonder if she’s still at the publication. The stylist has removed the job title from her social media pages following posts made condemning Israel for violence inflicted on Palestine.

The 32-year-old made headlines after posting her views on recent violence between Palestine and Israel, as detailed by the Daily Mail. Karefa-Johnson took to her Instagram to voice her belief that Israel is committing genocide and other acts of oppression against the Palestinian people.

‘It’s so disappointing to see the utter lack of understanding of the basic tenets and tactics of colonization, and one’s willingness to justify and defend those systems which have only ever oppressed,’ she posted on Oct. 14.

The fashion editor’s bold statements led to backlash from some of her colleagues in the fashion industry, prompting another public response about those she respected in her field that uphold “horrifying” opinions.

“Damn. I hate when Instagram shows me what I hope I never know about the people I follow and their horrifying belief systems,’ she also stated.

The New York-based stylist has not minced words in her posts, detailing her thoughts on the international issue and calling it a “mass Palestinian extinction plan.”

“I cannot believe that the world is watching in silence as a GENOCIDE — a mass Palestinian extinction plan — is happening before our very eyes,” expressed the first Black woman to style a Vogue cover.

“These are WAR CRIMES. I am sickened and saddened beyond belief. I feel helpless assessing the atrocity from the comfort of the west but we should not be okay with doing and saying nothing.”

In the aftermath of the controversy,  Karefa-Johnson removed her job title from her official account bio, instead going for an ambiguous “many things.” After garnering attention for the heated exchanges, a spokesperson for Vogue stated, “Gabriella’s social media posts and opinions are her own and do not represent those of the company.”

Whether or not the style contributor is still associated with the magazine is unclear, as neither party has made an official announcement on her current employment.

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