YouTuber JiDion Apparently Banned From All “NBA-Related Events” After Distasteful WNBA Stunt

YouTuber JiDion Apparently Banned From All “NBA-Related Events” After Distasteful WNBA Stunt

YouTuber Jidon Adams, better known as JiDion, has allegedly been banned from all NBA-related events after disrupting WNBA games one too many times.

While attending a Los Angeles Sparks game this week, JiDion started pulling courtside shenanigans. In a video he shared on his YouTube channel on Thursday, July 20, 2023, Adams was dressed in cartoonish pajamas and a hat, lying across several seats with a pillow and blanket, pretending to sleep. 

His YouTube video showed him being issued a warning by security guards. JiDion quickly lied about having a medical condition that forced him to fall asleep. Several guards approached him and removed him from the premises a few minutes later. As JiDion filmed the security guards outside, one of them told him, “You are not allowed on the premises.” 

He asked to clarify if he meant only WNBA games, but the guard said he was banned from “all NBA-related events.” 


To make matters worse, his fans began to harass the WNBA on its Instagram account after the the bedtime prank made the rounds. 

JDion’s substantial online fan base began commenting with sleeping emojis, gifs, and memes on all of the WNBA’s recent posts. Photos of animated characters taking a nap, dogs snoring, and people diving into bed began flooding the comment section underneath posts praising the players for their game performances.

The WNBA has limited its comments on their Instagram posts since Friday because of the extreme uptick in comments. 


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On July 19, 2023 JiDion posted another prank video at a Minnesota Lynx vs. Dallas Wings game. After complaining about the game to the referee, the ball bounced into the crowd. JiDion grabbed the ball, bypassed the ref, and attempted a shot. He missed and just disrupted the game.