Yung Joc Put On Blast Because He’s ‘Not Comfortable’ Performing For LGBTQ+ Crowd

Yung Joc is under fire for saying he’s “not comfortable” performing for an LGBTQ+ audience since he believes men will look at him with “lustful eyes.”

The “It’s Goin’ Down” rapper recently appeared on Vlad TV, explaining why he would turn down $250,000 if ever asked to perform at an LBGTQ+ event. The reality television star and radio host was responding to Boosie’s recent revelation of turning down an invite to perform at an LGBTQ event that would have paid him that amount.

“Ain’t nobody ever gave me $250,000 for a show, ever in my career,” Joc said. “Don’t get me wrong, if somebody called me today, ‘Yo, man. We’ll give you a quarter million…Nah, I may not do it either.”

“It’s not that I have nothing against the LGBTQ people. But I just may not understand,” he continued.

“I may not be in the know enough to feel comfortable enough to do this. Nah, because I don’t want to start doing that. Maybe I don’t want to be comfortable with this lifestyle. Is that OK?”

He also expressed his discomfort if men looked at him with “lustful eyes.” Once a clip from the interview made the rounds on social media, Joc faced criticism from many for his views.

“I’m trying to figure out who would pay HIM for an event in 2023??? Chile…..” one user wrote.

“Does anyone look at him with sex eyes? Like… anyone??” another user asked.

This isn’t the first time Joc has expressed his misunderstanding of the gay community. In August, Joc faced criticism when questioning why anyone would come out as gay.

“My only question is why do people have to come out,” he said. “I be like, ‘Damn, today is the day you want to come out? Why you want to come out?’ For me, I get a lot of tension when I have this conversation with people. I always ask, ‘What’s your sexuality got to do with what the fu*k we got going on?'”

“Hey guy, if you wanna su*k some pe*is, do that! That’s your fu*king business… Why does everybody have to come out and be like, ‘Hey, I’m gay!”


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