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Black Enterprise Driving Innovation Hackathon Day 2 Morning Recap

We're up all night to get code-y at the Black Enterprise Driving Innovation Hackathon presented by Toyota

Congratulations to the winners!

By Patrick Austin

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Black Enterprise Driving Innovation Hackathon Day 1 Morning Recap

The morning of the Driving Innovation Hackathon was filled with hackers arriving to form teams and present their big ideas.

This Saturday, over 25 hackers and coders showed up at Black Enterprise headquarters to show…

By Patrick Austin

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Watch BlackEnterprise’s Driving Innovation Hackathon on LiveStream Today

Join Black Enterprise and Toyota Saturday and Sunday for the Driving Innovation Hackathon livestream

Black Enterprise’s Driving Innovation Hackathon presented by Toyota will be livestreaming the event this Saturday…

By Patrick Austin

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black enterprise hackathon

BE Hackathon 2014: Q&A With Hackathon Judges and Hosts

Black Enteprise's Driving Innovation Hackathon judges answer a few questions about coding and opportunities.

Here are the judges

By Patrick Austin

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How Crowdfunding Is Saving This Homeless Mother

Community crowdfunding has raised almost $30,000 for Shanesha Taylor, a mother jailed for leaving her children unattended during a job interview.

When you say crowdfunding, you usually think of something like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, where creators…

By Patrick Austin

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More Owners are Recognizing the Need to Control their Social Media Presence

Owners are recognizing the need to control their social media presence

Franchisors are getting involved, often funding and controlling digital marketing activities at the local level

By C. Daniel Baker


Join Black Enterprise’s #DrivingInnovation Hackathon Twitter Chat Tomorrow on STEM

Join the #DrivingInnovation Twitter chat to discuss the importance of coding and STEM for today's generation

Make sure to tune in and converse

By Patrick Austin

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Grammy Nominated Singer Provides Her Tech Tips for Recording Artists

From Youtube videos to Bitcoin, Carolyn Malachi has a few tech tips that'll make your music career a little easier

Carolyn Malachi blends Jazz, Hip Hop, Spoken Word and lots of imagination

By Carolyn Malachi

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Another Digital Currency Heist Steals $70,000 From Exchange

Hackers got away with 1.5 million coins

Hackers tampered with a glitch at currency exchange company Crypto Rush

By Patrick Austin

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HTC’s Newest Smartphone Could Save the Company

The new HTC One has some killer features, including front-facing speakers

Phone also has a camera with a built-in depth sensor for adjustable photos

By Patrick Austin

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Google Glass and Ray-Bans Sunglasses Collaborating?

Google and Luxottica are betting on brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley to get you to use Glass

Would you wear Google Glass?

By Patrick Austin

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Black Enterprise, Toyota to Host ‘Hackathon’ for Black Techies in NYC

Join us on March 29th and 30th for this historic Hackathon

Leaders of the technology and innovation communities will judge which team was most successful

By Patrick Austin

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Facebook, Tesla CEOs Invest in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence startup Vicarious wants to accomplish the impossible: replicating the human brain.

Companies exploring robotics, like Google, are excited about the artificial intelligence industry taking off.
What do…

By Patrick Austin

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Cutting Edge Galaxy S5 Available for Pre-Order

Samsung's latest smartphone is available on almost every major carrier

Verizon has yet to make an announcement

By Patrick Austin

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Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Finds 200,000 Bitcoins

Virtual currency exchange Mt. Gox found a stash of 200,000 bitcoins

Why were they lost in the first place?

By Patrick Austin

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barkley cdw

How Charles Barkley Leveraged a Lucrative Endorsement to Help Poor Children

As pitchman, Barkley's taking care of home

CDW is an NCAA sponsor

By Darren Sands

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Your Dual-Screened Computer May Be Counter-Productive

Studies show that multiple monitors improve productivity, but many of them are funded by the monitor manufacturers

Do you work on two monitors?

By Patrick Austin

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Microsoft Allegedly Searches Blogger’s Email to Stop Leaks

Microsoft searched through an unnamed blogger's Hotmail account to stop leaks of its software

Was it the right thing to do?

By Patrick Austin

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Ralph Lauren Employee Coupon Code Leaks On Twitter, Causes ‘Pologate’

At 65% off, almost everything was up for grabs

The retailer eventually terminated the code

By Patrick Austin

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New Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Kit Makes It Closer to Launch

Oculus VR's virtual reality headset is approaching completion, as the Oculus Rift undergoes some major enhancements in the latest developer kit.

The battle of virtual reality headsets is heating up as Oculus VR releases the second…

By Patrick Austin

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