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3 Tech Practices to Abide By in 2013

Tech-life expert maps out tech resolutions you should keep

Tech-life expert Stephanie Humphrey provides 3 tips to making sure you start 2013 off the…

By Janel Martinez

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5 Ways Social Media Will Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Alive

Social networking sites can help you commit this New Year

A list of ways you can use social media to keep your New Year’s goals…

By Janel Martinez

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Shawn Amos, CEO of Freshwire, provides refreshing commentary in "60 Seconds of Social Media" (Image: Source)

Freshwire’s Shawn Amos on How Brands Can Stay Afloat in 2013

The chief executive pinpoints 3 steps brands need to take to stay on top

Freshwire CEO Shawn Amos discusses how brands can stay on top next year in the…

By Janel Martinez

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E-Books’ Popularity Grew Dramatically This Past Year

E-book reading is up 21%

A new study found a huge uptick in e-book reading

By Makkada B. Selah

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List of Top Viewed Wikipedia Articles of 2012 Released

The most popular articles on Wikipedia may surprise you

Lists of the top Wikipedia articles of 2012 have been released

By Makkada B. Selah

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Kindle Fire ($200) 

One of the many cool things about the Kindle Fire is that it can link seamlessly with Amazon’s various services, including video, digital music, magazine and book, providing a library full of over 18 million  options. There’s also access to thousands of cool apps for Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu, via the Android app store. Featuring a full-color multi-touch 7-inch display, the Kindle Fire allows users to take full advantage of its powerful and ultra-fast Web browser. While there are various competitive tablets on the market, the Fire makes for an affordable alternative.

Survey Shows More Americans Are Reading on Tablets

E-book readership is up

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, recently found that the number of…

By Yannique Benitez

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Expand Your Reading Collection…for Free

Even in the Internet age, the public library is still a great resource. There’s no time like the present to renew or start using your library card again. With an endless selection of great reads, check out the latest novel by your favorite author or get introduced to the classics. Reading, after all, is fundamental. Might we suggest financial guru Deborah Owens’ A Purse of Your Own, which offers great insights on how to train yourself to become financially secure.

Libraries Adapt to Changing Times

Local branches are adding extra features to fulfill growing demands

With the help of technology, libraries are reinventing themselves.

By Yannique Benitez

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How to survive cloud outages

Recent Cloud Outages Reinforce the Need for Small Business Backups

How to avoid the risks that come with Cloud computing

Another huge cloud outage showcases the need to have a plan A and plan B…

By C. Daniel Baker

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MTA Releases An App to Track Trains

Subway Time will figure out when your next train is coming

MTA announced on Friday a smartphone app that will provide train-arrival times on seven of…

By Janel Martinez

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230 Best iPad Apps of 2012

Whether you have the iPad 4 or the now extinct iPad 3, see which apps suit you best

The best iPad apps of 2012.

By Janel Martinez

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Side-by-side comparison of the HTC Droid DNA and the LG Nexus 4 (Image: Julian Boyce, DFRAGG)

Review Roundup: HTC Droid DNA vs. LG Nexus 4

Will Droid DNA’s battery life out power the Nexus 4’s design and performance?

Side-by-side comparison of the HTC Droid DNA and the LG Nexus 4.


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Netflix Plans to Make Your Video Rental History Public

The company will roll out “social features”

Netflix to introduce “social features” for U.S. users in 2013.

By Yannique Benitez

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Verone Mankou Tailors Affordable Smartphone and Tablet to African Market

Congolese entrepreneur brings the “for us, by us” model to technology

Tech startup VMK, the brainchild of Congolese inventor Verone Mankou, is offering sleek mobile devices…

By Janel Martinez

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Flickr Announces 3 Months of Commitment Free Flickr Pro

A late Christmas Gift from Flickr

Many photo sharing sites are now taking advantage of an opening market.

By Sasha King

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With 87 million women between the ages of 18 and 76 years old online, and another 69 million using social media on a weekly basis, according to BlogHer’s Social Media Matters study, it’s fair to say women run the world web. It’s one of the reasons social media influencer Ananda Leeke founded the Digital Sisterhood Network. The “Jill of Many Trades” (she’s a lawyer-turned-author, as well as an artist, coach, innerpreneur, yoga instructor, among other things) sparked a movement that consists of a national and international following; an entire month dedicated to women in social media, Digital Sisterhood Month, which takes place in December. There’s also a weekly celebration on Twitter and Facebook, entitled #DigitalSisterhood Wednesdays, geared toward shouting out your network and igniting meaningful conversation. As the organization’s designated month comes to a close, Digital Sisterhood announced the 2012 Digital Sisters of the Year. The Digital Sisterhood 100 is comprised of seven categories: Creativista, Empirista, Empowerista, Enchantista, Evangelista, Flowista, and Lifestylista. Take a look at who made the list: --Janel Martinez

Digital Sisterhood Network Announces 2012 Digital Sisters of the Year

Digital Sisterhood announced the 2012 Digital Sisters of the Year. The Digital Sisterhood 100 is…

By Janel Martinez

Photo of a man driving a car

New Cars Will Be Equipped with ‘Black Boxes’

Federal regulators proposing black boxes come installed in new automobiles

After September 2014, new cars will likely be equipped with the tracking devices, better known…

By Yannique Benitez

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Author Kaneisha Grayson is Her ‘Own Boyfriend’ — and Fundraiser, Too

With a little help from her 'friends,' an author closes in on Kickstarter goal

‘Be Your Own Boyfriend’ project is closer than ever to reaching young women all over…

By Darren Sands

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Online Holiday Sales Soar to $39 Billion

Last shopping week before Christmas saw 53% growth in spending

Online sales this season are up by 16% to $38.7 billion, according to ComScore.

By Yannique Benitez

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Facebook Creates Disappearing Posts

Ever want to send a message that was destroyed soon after it was sent? Now you can.

Facebook announces a new messaging app that doesn’t leave a trail

By Makkada B. Selah

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Getting support for a film is much easier in our digital world. LaMothe suggests aspiring filmmakers reach out for fan support through sites like Kickstarter.  “It’s a Website designed for filmmakers who are seeking funding for films,” he says. “[It] seems to be filling out very well for a lot of independent filmmakers. Basically it allows your average filmgoer, contributing their 25 cents or whatever amount of money they want, to contribute by putting a budget in the timeline. With those budgets you can hopefully seek some form of funding for your film.”

Kickstarter Helps Revive Cheated Blues Singer’s Career

Internet entrepreneur helps singer raise money for upcoming project

Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian helps blues singer Lester Chambers raise money via Kickstarter for a…

By Yannique Benitez

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How To

hire talent

How to Hire Talent That Will Complement Your Team and Culture

People make the difference. You can have incredible systems and procedures in place, the right software…

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How to Deal With Grief While at Work

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