20 Millennial Black Women-Owned Brands to Support In 2020

Last quarter, Fast Company reported that black women are starting businesses faster than any other group, sharing that “women of color account for 89% (1,625) of the new businesses opened every day over the past year.”

While launching a business is a major win, in order to stay in business, entrepreneurs need our dollars and support. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 20 black women-owned millennial businesses.

Millennial Black women-owned business List


1.  Kendall Miles Designs (Founder: Kendall Reynolds)

Kendall Reynolds is a brilliant businesswoman and one to watch in the footwear scene. The 25-year-old entrepreneur is the founder and mastermind behind the shoe empire Kendall Miles Designs (KMD), which has been getting attention for all the right reasons. From designing in her college apartment to seeing Rihanna rocking her boots, Reynolds has come a long way and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

Available at: kendallmilesdesigns.com

Instagram: @TheKendallMiles


2. The Crayon Case (Founder: Raynell Steward)

Known for its bright colors, creative packaging, and emphasis on being a cosmetic line dedicated to amateur makeup users, Raynell Steward (aka Supa Cent) found her niche in the market and a very loyal fan base. Just this past Cyber Monday alone, the Crayon Case made over $1.3 million in one hour!

Available at: TheCrayonCase.com

Instagram: @TheCrayonCase


3. Grace Eleyae (Founder: Grace Eleyae)

There’s finally a head cap that black women can wear to bed and run errands! Grace Eleyae has a number of cute headpieces (turbans, beanies, and even fedoras) that are all satin lined to protect our hair while keeping us looking cute. I have personally purchased three and can confirm that they are ah-mazing!

Available at: GraceEleyae.com

Instagram: @GraceEleyae


4. Ase Naturals (Founder: Shannon Cann)

Ase Naturals, founded by 27-year-old Shannon Cann is a high-vibing, cruelty-free skincare and wellness brand that includes body oils, soaks, and teas. The popular oils, which have received international attention, are made by hand under full and new moon phases, are crystal infused and include gentle, yet rich vitamins for glowing skin. The teas are made with the finest ingredients and go down as smoothly as the oils go on! My favs are the lavender + amethyst lunar body oil and Bermy tea!

Available at: AseNaturals.bm

Instagram: @AseNaturals


5. The Lip Bar (Founder: Melissa Butler)

Melissa Butler has come a long way since showcasing her highly pigmented, moisturizing lipsticks on ABC’s Shark Tank where she was told that “the chances that this is a business are practically zero” and that the industry would “crush you like the cockroaches you are.” She has had the last laugh as not only has her gorgeous line increased its offerings and received celebrity endorsements, it has even secured major retailers like Target!

Available at: TheLipBar.com

Instagram: @TheLipBar


6. Jumping Jax Taxes (Founders: Dana Chanel and Prince Donnell)

Dana Chanel and her husband Prince Donnell have founded the first and fastest-growing tax company in the USA to bring the tax professional to you using a mobile app.

Jumping Jack Taxes is a family business dedicated to building generational wealth and keeping money in our communities by providing access to financial literacy.

Available at: JumpingJackTaxes.com

Instagram: @JumpingJaxTax


7. Curl Bible (Founder: Dana Chanel)

Dana Chanel is clearly making many moves that need to be supported, including her online store Curl Bible, which is the No. 1 black-owned online beauty supply store, powered by over 200 small women-owned businesses. If you’re looking for products for curly or kinky hair, this is your spot. If you own a beauty line and would like it to reach more people, this is also your spot as there is a Curl Bible Directory as well as a vendor’s application and influencer program!

Available at: CurlBible.com

Instagram: @CurlBible


8. Satori Notes Jewelry (Founder: Chyna Cyrus)

Satori Notes are gentle, yet edgy reminders on gold plated and stainless steel bracelets for black women to manifest their best lives. With fun sayings like “Kinda Sweet, Kinda Savage,” “Focus Future Millionaire,” “Manifest That Sh*t,” “Thug It Out,”  and  “F*ck Your Fears,” what’s not to love?

Founder Chyna Cyrus shares, “Our goal is to create jewelry pieces that awaken the world-conquering, fearless, boss babe within! We are dedicated to creating sh*t that reminds you daily that you are a powerhouse. What better way to make unapologetic statements than with a gorgeous yet simple luxe bracelet?”

Available at: SatoriNotes.com

Instagram: @Satori.Notes.Jewelry


9. Organigrow Hair Co (Founder: Kay Cola)

Organigrow Hair Co. is a non-toxic, vegan, hair growth system for all hair porosities that was founded by mom, author, Grammy-nominated songwriter, recording artist, health nut, vegan, philanthropist and entrepreneur Kay Cola.

The founder shared that the product was created after a bad haircut, awful extensions, and dying her hair, leaving it brittle, lacking volume, strength, and length. She realized she was using shampoos with sulphate and parabens, and using styling products with chemicals in them and wanted to provide an alternate solution for others looking to revive their hair.

Available at: OrganiGrowHairCo.com

Instagram: @OrganiGrowHairCo


10. The BombChel Factory (Founder: Archel Bernard)

Bernard’s Bombchel Factory features bold African fashion with a cause. Prints are purchased in West Africa, the designs are dreamed up by the founder and then created by women working in her factory in Monrovia, Liberia. Archel Bernard’s mission: “To teach an all-women staff of Ebola survivors, rape victims, and the deaf…to improve their lives by helping them to become self-sufficient through skill-training and education.”

The BombChel Factory has been seen on women all over the world, including Kelly Rowland. Bernard is a Liberian-American, with beautiful pieces, doing some dope things. Let’s all support.

Available at: ShopBombchel.com

Instagram: @ShopBombchel


11. Sukie’s Candle Co (Founder: Sukie Jefferson)

Sukie Candle Co. features exotically scented, toxin-free soy candles with over 40 hours of burn life. With unique scents like Grapefruit + Mangosteen, Corriander + Tonka Bean, Blackberry Sage, Red Ginger Saffron, and others, there’s no wonder Vogue featured them on their Most Wanted List!

On top of their unique scents, the candles have been mindfully sourced using 100% pure soy wax, derived domestically from American farmers. They also use lead & zinc free cotton wicks with phthalate-free fragrances. Infused with natural essential oils, each candle is petroleum-free and individually hand-poured in reusable glass containers.

Available at: SukiesCandleCo.com

Instagram: @SukiesCandleCo


12. Black Girl Sunscreen (Founder: Shontay Lundy)

Black Girl Sunscreen was created out of the necessity for a high-quality SPF that didn’t leave white residue on darker skin tones. Shontay Lundy is on a mission to provide blacks with a solution to their sunblock dilemma along with providing them with more natural ingredients and much-needed sun-protection education.

Available at: BlackGirlSunscreen.com

Instagram: @BlackGirlSunscreen


13. Savvy Esq (Founder: Domonique Price)

If you’re a small business owner and unsure about the steps to take to create a strong legal foundation for your business, Savvy Esq can help. The founder Domonique Price handles all things trademark, copyright, filing, and contracts and is constantly providing tips over on her Instagram page.

Price is an attorney who “went from protecting billion-dollar brands to helping thousands of brands, athletes, influencers, small businesses, and nonprofits to protect themselves.” If you’re looking to protect your brand and coins, check her out!

Available at: SavvyEsq.com

Instagram: @domoniquep_esq


14. NL The Label (Founder: Nichole Lynel)

NL The Label is a super stylish brand curated in Los Angeles known best for recontextualizing denim. Founder Nichole Lynel is a speaker, creative director, fashion buyer and designer who, according to Forbes, was able to turn her fashion line into a multimillion=dollar business in under two years.

Available at: NLTheLabel.com  &   ShopNicholeLynel.com

Instagram: @NLTheLabel


15. Pantora Bridal (Founder: Andrea Pitter)

Pantora Bridal ticks all of the right boxes with Andrea Pitter’s beautifully crafted gowns. I first discovered Pitter’s pieces through NYT best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi, who wore Pantora for her wedding. The gowns drip of black girl excellence, so if you’re a bride-to-be, Pantora Bridal needs to be on your watch-list.

Available at: PantoraBridal.com

Instagram: @PantoraBridal


16. Mess In A Bottle (Founder: Kalilah Wright)

Mess In A Bottle is a T-shirt company out of Baltimore, founded by Kalilah Wright. All shirts, bodysuits, hoodies, and jackets have been designed with a MESSage on them and come in a cute reusable bottle. According to Wright, “Mess in a Bottle was created as a form of communication to start healthy conversations around important topics. We give a voice to the voiceless and encourage you to wear your MESS. Mess in a Bottle derives from the 310 BC concept of receiving a MESSage in the ocean.”

I’m here for the messages Wright is giving. As is the G.O.A.T. Serena Williams who has been spotted rocking a Mess In A Bottle army jacket which reads “Queen don’t be afraid to rule like a King”

Available at: MessInABottle.com

Instagram: @MessInABottle


17. Milano di Rouge (Founder: Johnika “Milan” Harris)

If you’re searching for luxury unisex streetwear that’s comfortable, you needn’t look any further than Milano di Rouge founded by Philadelphia native Johnika “Milan” Harris.

Harris started blogging about love, fashion, and motivation back in 2012 and built up a large audience fast. She decided to monetize that audience later that year through a fashion brand that she says stands for “Making Dreams Reality.” These days Cardi B, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Monica, Teyana Taylor, Lil Kim, Young M.A., Lil Baby, Christian Combs, and many others have been spotted in the trendy threads.

Available at: MilanoDiRouge.com

Instagram: @MilanoDiRouge


18. Mother Mindset (Founder: Octavia “Avi” Steede)

Nurse + YouTuber Octavia “Avi” Steede of the YouTube channel Motherhood Mindset was very open about her past fertility struggles. She has since had a baby, has another on the way, and used her journey to create a business helping other women trying to conceive to create a positive mindset and a healthy body. Through uplifting T-shirts/hoodies, coaching, digital downloads, and membership programs, Mother Mindset marries health, faith, and fertility education.

Fertility challenges are often suppressed. If you need an outlet to vent and support to get you through, let a millennial sister help you out.

Available at: MotherMindset.com

Instagram: @Avi.MotherMindset


19. Avocurl (Founder: Jasmine Curtis)

Avocurl is a system of clean, handmade, avocado-infused hair care products that include oil, butter, moisturizer, and leave-in conditioner. Avocurl was founded by Jasmine Curtis in her dorm room after she became fed up with having dry hair and using products with a ton of unnecessary harmful chemicals. The products have been getting raving reviews  which Curtis has proudly shared on Instagram.

Available at: Avocurl.com

Instagram: @AvoCurl


20. G.A.M.E. Changing Industries (Founder: Gaynete Jones)

I’d be a terrible entrepreneur if I allowed a list of black millennial women to go by without showcasing my own business. So here we are. I’m Gaynete’ Jones and I’m a black millennial woman who also happens to be an author, podcaster, the creator of Cubicle Ditch Academy, and the Founder of G.A.M.E. Changing Industries.

I assist women worldwide to build their side hustles so that they can ditch their draining 9-5s. The goal is to educate women to be prepped, primed, and positioned to profit. I assist clients to make an impact and income through my newsletter, books, trainings, online courses, and Freedom Slay Podcast.

Available at: Gaynete.com

Instagram: @Gaynete