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9 Beaches To Visit Throughout The Black Diaspora

What really is summertime without a beach time?

After months of winter weather, there’s nothing that hits the spirit like a sprawling coastline with soft waves, beating against the shore. The sensation of smooth sand between your toes and a glowing suntan alone makes a vacay or simple trip to the beach worth it.

Some people may think if you’ve seen one beach, you’ve seen them all–obviously, that’s not true. Especially, when we’re talking about beaches that exist in the Blackest regions where African and Black culture inform the vibe and creates the moment–because Black people and Blackness remain undefeated.

Here are 10 beautiful beaches to visit throughout the Black diaspora. 


1.) Barbados


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Pebbles Beach in Barbados is a great beach to visit for a family vacation as the low tides are excellent for children. The experience of the swimming horses is also something to marvel at when they’re brought out to swim and bathe. Pebble Beach is also a good place to try a “cutter,” what the residents call a fish sandwich. Cuz’s fish stand is one of the best places to taste one.


2.) Haiti 

Labadee beach located in Haiti, has a view so beautiful you would think you’re in a movie. The sea is calm here, which sets the tone for relaxation and light swimming. If you get tired of lounging, Labadee has the longest zipline in the whole world that runs over water and a range of great restaurants with ocean views. One is Boukanye, known to have the best cocktails in the area.


3.) St. Thomas


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Magen Bay Beach has a beautiful view. The beach is shaped like a horseshoe and features calm waters ideal for water sports, swimming, and kayaking. A hiking trip is recommended. You don’t want to miss the scenic hillside and the mountain top view while gaining peace of mind and reconnecting with nature. 


4.) Jamaica 

Seven Mile Beach in Negril enjoys its name because the beach stretches seven miles. You can enjoy the turquoise-colored water, ride in glass bottom boats and snorkel. The land is also blessed with beach bars and restaurants like Coconut INT, where you can indulge in outstanding Jamaican cuisine.


5.) Ghana 

Laying in the heart of Western Africa, Kokrobite Beach embodies the meaning of Black diaspora. Kokrobite beach, known for its beautiful coastline, soft and delicate sand, and the mind-blowing sunset, is located in Accra, Ghana. A vacation there will expose you to Rastafarian culture, as well as the history in the area. The beach is home to three ancient castles. You can also get into some nightlife with live music, spirits and dancing. 


6.) Copacabana Beach


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Copacabana Beach, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is not a quiet, relaxing beach time: Copa is a turn up beach. Activities are abundant, including surfing, sunbathing, and lots of parties. And the Black culture is quite prominent.   


7.) Champagne Beach

Champagne Beach, located on the island of Dominica, is known for its crystal clear waters, and the longest hiking trail in the Caribbean, which takes 17 days. Champagne Beach is a great beach for getting active with bike rides and snorkeling—with a brilliant view of the coral reef. Feasting on the local food is a good way to immerse yourself in the culture.


8.) Bequia Beach 

Bequia Beach is a hidden gem in the Caribbean, located on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Bequia is a small island but the second largest of the Grenadines. Head here if you want some quality time to yourself. It won’t be hard to relax on this beach. We must mention that the proximity to clear water makes it easy to enjoy the super fresh seafood made by the locals. Bequia Beach also has a turtle sanctuary and an excursion to snorkel with them.. 


9.) Boulders Beach 


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Boulders Beach is located in Cape Town, South Africa, at the horn region of the Black Diaspora. Boulders beach is not your ordinary beach. Its main attraction are the penguins that live there—and you can swim with them. The scenic view is picturesque with a hilly and mountainous backdrop. 

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