5 Boss Fitness Trends to Combat Your Workout Rut

5 Boss Fitness Trends to Combat Your Workout Rut

If you’re already a CEO or entrepreneur that starts or ends their day with a workout, then you might have experienced hitting that wall where your workout becomes a bore. Experts say that adding variety or even changing your whole routine altogether helps you broaden your physical abilities and provides a creative outlet for relieving stress. Trainers also say that the more you repeat the same exercises, the easier they become, which leads to fewer calories burned and a physical plateau.

But how do you go beyond the usual treadmill run or cycling session? Check out these five trends that are worth a trying to diversify your exercise routine and rev-up the fun in your fitness routine:

1. Faith-based Programs

More and more faith-based organizations and groups are offering classes. Some places of worship even incorporate fitness into ministries, offering a diversity of group classes along with the traditional religious fellowship. Options can vary from Gospel Aerobics to lifestyle programs created to combat specific health issues such as diabetes.

2. Fitness Adventures

Health and wellness entrepreneurs have come up with destination experiences that incorporate extreme sports, ecotourism, and outdoor retreats, with both U.S. and international locales. From hiking and kayaking through California’s Channel Islands, to a trail-run through hot springs with Reebok Fitness Vacations, and even safari excursions that also include spa and wellness treatments; you can incorporate fitness into your next vacation with ease.

3. Barre Workouts

Pilates instructors and strength trainers have created classes that take you back to the days of ballet recitals and tutus–except tulle, pointe shoes, tights, and one-piece leotards are not required. Workouts–such as those offered at Physique 57, Xtend Barre, and Flex Pilates–all incorporate the barre or barre-like equipment with exercises meant to strengthen, stretch, and tone your body.

4. Exercises in Heat

Bikram Yoga is nothing new. However, exercise classes that incorporate heat are picking up more steam this year via innovations to routines. Figure 4 Fahrenheit is a 60-minute workout that combines Pilates-based moves with weight lifting in a heated room. Prana Power Yoga, a vinyasa yoga-like class, is done in a room that can hit temperatures up to 99 degrees.

Enthusiasts say working out in heated rooms promotes detoxification (à la profuse sweating) and helps the body stretch. Some even say it can aid in relieving aches and pains associated with arthritis and other joint conditions and help with weight loss. (However, do your due diligence; science has yet to definitively corroborate those claims.)

5. Virtual Reality Workouts:

You can catch a pre-recorded workout on YouTube, but some fitness instructors and sports brands are now taking things further by live streaming their classes in real-time.

Also, tech companies are coming up with ways you can explore exotic locales like Mars while lifting weights at home via gadgets such as Samsung’s Gear VR. You can also enjoy cycling while navigating through video games and fantasy scenery via Wildrun or Immersive Fitness. These experiences have been likened to working out while watching a 3-D movie.