Big Freedia ‘Means Business‘ As She Launches Into Entrepreneurship With New Orleans Hotel

Big Freedia is back and bigger than ever and the Queen Diva means business!

The newest season of Fuse’s most-watched docuseries continues Freedia’s professional journey from New Orleans phenomenon to national headliner. But this time around, the bounce music legend is shaking up the business world with ventures in a hotel, a record label, eyewear, purses, a cannabis line and “Big Freedia Means Business!”

“I mean exactly that. business,” Freedia told BLACK ENTERPRISE of the docuseries’ new season.

“I will be this business mogul that will be taking over the business world, letting people see the ups and downs of the business world in my business ventures, the hotel, the record label, the cannabis, the makeup, the eyewear, the press on nails, the whole Big Freedia experience.”

Cameras go inside the Grammy award winner’s board room meetings where there’s always time for a quick twerk session, and Freedia’s construction site visits to oversee the development of Hotel Freedia. All while recording songs for Freedia’s first LP in nine years “Central City.”

The Bounce music pioneer is coming big in the month of June with the release of a new show, a cannabis line, a cosmetics line, a new album, and a summer tour to go with it! The show sees Freedia’s manager try to reel the New Orleans native in when it comes to taking on so many big projects at once.

But Big Freedia is focused on the hustle and inspiring the next generation of movers and shakers.

“It’s been a lot of work, a lot of hard work and determination, lots of conversations, lots of meetings, but great opportunities for me to want to inspire young people out there or anybody who wants to be in the business world, to become a business owner or business leader, you know, a CEO, a boss, you know, all of the great things,” Freedia.

Press play below for the full interview and be sure to catchBig Freedia Means Business” June 7 on Fuse, and stream “Central City” on June 23.