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Diddy Has A Dream Of Teaming Up With Tyler Perry And Byron Allen To Form The Ultimate Media Conglomerate

Sean “Diddy” Combs was on a quest to place Black Entertainment Television back in the hands of Black ownership. When it was announced that Paramount was ready to sell a majority stake in BET, Diddy, Byron Allen, and Tyler Perry, along with other esteemed businessmen, stepped up to the plate. But, after weeks of negotiations and speculation, the company decided to hold on to the brand a little longer.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Diddy tells the magazine that he’d like to collaborate with the people he was competing against to obtain BET. He said he really wants Black ownership to have more meaning, and with the power of himself, Perry, and Allen working together, it may set a great example.

“As far as our business strategy, we’re in acquisition mode to really build a Black-owned media conglomerate. That’s why we were looking at BET and at a couple of other businesses. BET is definitely the mecca, the originator of Black media, and still is…. We’re not going to be able to reach our highest level of success in the media world, like a Rupert Murdoch, if we don’t unify. Like me, Tyler Perry, and Byron Allen. We have a responsibility because it’s like 15 of us getting money, but 10 billion people in the world,” he stressed.

Diddy shares a gem that many people involved in the entertainment world have been saying for years: even Black-owned companies have to answer to a white man in some capacity. He also gives his view on diversity—or the lack of it.

“It’s all a bunch of bull**it,” he said. “Diversity isn’t about inclusion; diversity is about sharing power. And nothing has changed. It’s gotten worse. We have some representation … Shout out and all due respect to everybody that’s in power. But [for most people], there’s still somebody over them, a white man that they have to get permission from to do something. And it’s always been the same, no matter what the industry.”

Diddy has been on a good tear lately. Recently honored at the MTV Music Awards, he is gearing up for his Revolt World conference on Sept. 22–24 in Atlanta. He is also celebrating the 10th anniversary of his Revolt TV network, and this year marks the 30th anniversary of Bad Boy Entertainment.

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