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DJ Khaled Partners With Luxury Oral Care Brand To Launch Gold-Plated Toothbrush Line

DJ Khaled is debuting his new line of gold-plated toothbrushes that come with premium gold-infused toothpaste and mouthwash.

DJ Khaled is debuting his new line of gold-plated toothbrushes with premium gold-infused toothpaste and mouthwash.

The Grammy-winning hip-hop producer teamed up with Aurezzi, a Swiss company that prides itself in being the world’s first luxury oral care brand. As a shareholder, Khaled is unveiling a premier oral care series that includes a lavish toothbrush set that’s as good as gold.

“When I got with the team, I got really excited because they were so passionate about it,” Khaled told Robb Report. I’m a type of person; if I’m going to do something, I don’t know how to do anything halfway. And that’s what I felt with them; they were going all in on the project.”

Handcrafted in Switzerland, the gold toothbrush comes with a matching stand to keep the statement accessory safe and protected from outside germs. The creamy toothpaste and mouthwash contain 24-karat gold particles, which researchers claim are more effective than fluoride at preventing tooth sensitivity. The mouthwash contains hydroxyapatite, a substance known to help rebuild the surface of the teeth, fight bacteria, and remineralize teeth.

The toothbrush is not only lavish but functional. It includes 5,000 soft or medium bristles to ensure gums receive a thorough cleaning. The brand was founded by Noel Abdayem, the dentist behind The Humble Co.

“When we speak about luxury—it’s a lifestyle,” Khaled told us, underscoring the point. “And luxury is not just something that you flaunt and show. Luxury is the way you move.”

The luxury oral care set, available in rose gold and silver, retails for $179. For those who want to purchase the pieces separately, the toothbrush is $59, the stand is $49, the toothpaste is $39, and the mouthwash is $39. All items are available through the company’s website.

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