[WATCH] 5 Critical Dont’s for Your Next Interview

[WATCH] 5 Critical Dont’s for Your Next Interview

Vice President and Head of Human Resources at Atlanta Bread Company, Anthony Davis, dropped by the Black Enterprise office to discuss all things career–from interviewing, to salaries, employee retention, and millennials in the workforce.

Some of the most notable takeaways from the informative conversation with Davis, was his advice for job interviews. It appears we could be going about this thing all wrong.

Below, Davis offers his insight on interview deal breakers.


1. Don’t Come Unprepared to Tell Your Transitional Story


It is important for you to be able to eloquently detail your career transitions. Be open, honest and explain what prompted your move from one place to the next.


2. Don’t Come Across as Overly Eager–Calm Down


Looking too eager in an interview gives off the impression that you need them more than they need you. It is important to be presented as a valuable commodity that the company would hate to pass up. Relax, be genuine, and allow room for mutual excitement.


3. Don’t Lie About Your Strengths and Weaknesses, or Deny That You Have Weaknesses


You have them–we all do. The trick is to describe your weakness as an area of opportunity. So, identify it, and gain strength from it.


4. Don’t Be Disingenuous


Be prepared, sure, but try not to sound rehearsed. You don’t want to sound like you are becoming a professional interviewer, and this is more obvious to prospective employers than you think. Engage in an honest, authentic conversation with the interviewer. It’s important for them to see that you’re human.


5. Don’t Go Against Your Fit


It is imperative that you do adequate research prior to interviewing, to know if the company will be a cultural fit for you. Going to an interview “just because” is a waste of time for all parties involved. Know the missions, visions, and values, and present how your qualities and skill set can be an valuable addition.


Much more insight in the video below–take a look!