5 Tips for Weight Loss Success

5 Tips for Weight Loss Success

With the new year comes a new list of goals, motivation, and excitement. January 1hits and we are ready to go full speed ahead. Three weeks later, we are not as excited and motivated about these goals. We notice old habits start to seep in again, and we wonder what happened. Here are some tips that will help you keep your health goals for the year. Understand for weight loss success there is no quick fix; it is a journey and a lifestyle change.

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1. Write it down — Get a journal and write down your goals. From there, figure out what it takes to make it happen. Put something that has to do with accomplishing this goal on your to-do list. This will help you prioritize and stay focused.

2. Make a menu — When you create and stick to a menu, it helps you to stay focused and not get swayed by the foods that are not aligned with your diet. It is fun to plan and make delicious, healthy food.

3. Move more — Exercise is necessary for a balanced mind, body, and soul. You will shed pounds, think clearly, release toxins, and feel better. It is important to switch up your exercises so your muscles can stay active and engaged.

4. Get a support system — Having one person or a group of people who are rooting for you and collectively keeping each other accountable is very important for success. They can cheer you on, be your sounding board when things aren’t going the way you want, and be a great support system.

5. Celebrate — You did it! It is time to celebrate. It is also a time to reflect to see how far you’ve come.

Yvelette Stines is an award-winning writer whose work has been published in Essence, Uptown, Heart and Soul, Jones, Hispanic Executive Quarterly, and Green Build + Design, just to name a few. Her book, Vernon the Vegetable Man, encourages children to choose healthy lifestyle habits. Stines’ blog, Calming Corners, motivates readers to live a calm and healthy lifestyle. You can find her calmly playing on social media @yvelettestines and @calmingcorners.