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45 Great Moments in Black Business – No. 13: Black Tech Firm Makes Fortune 500 and $10 Billion in Revenue

Jeffrey McKinney
Information technology systems integrator World Wide Technology, the long-standing, largest black-owned business in the nation and one of the most successful black businesses ever....

45 Great Moments in Black Business: With $1500 in Cash She Becomes First Black Woman to Own a Billion-Dollar Company

Jeffrey McKinney
Janice Bryant Howroyd becomes first black woman to own a billion-dollar company when her staffing solution firm, Act-1, hits No. 3 on the 2011 industrial/service...

Greeted With Great Enthusiasm, Black Enterprise Kicks Off Entrepreneurs Summit in Charlotte

Derek T. Dingle
With the mission of expanding opportunities for established business owners and entrepreneurial aspirants, Black Enterprise came to Charlotte to kick off the Entrepreneurs Summit, which...
Career Leadership

Breaking News: Retiring AMEX CEO Ken Chenault Joins Facebook’s Board of Directors

Samara Lynn
Mark Zuckerberg just announced that Ken Chenault, the retiring CEO of American Express, has joined Facebook’s Board of Directors. From Zuckerberg’s Facebook page: I’m excited...