DC Young Fly Slammed For Making Fun Of Stretch Marks And Tummy Tucks Amid The Death Of His Children’s Mother, Jacky Oh

DC Young Fly Slammed For Making Fun Of Stretch Marks And Tummy Tucks Amid The Death Of His Children’s Mother, Jacky Oh

DC Young Fly is under fire after a video was released of him making disparaging comments about women’s bodies, tummy tucks, and Brazilian butt lifts. This comes just one week after BLACK ENTERPRISE covered reports that his longtime partner and mother of his three young children died from complications stemming from a mommy makeover. The popular cosmetic surgery involves both aforementioned procedures.

The Wild ’N Out comedian was engrossed in a conversation with the co-stars from the podcast 85 South Show, according to OnSite. One show host said, “N—– love stretch marks.” DC Young Fly responded: “Not the deep ones.”

He continued, “No, no, my boy, you got to lay on that one … It’s a lotta s— going on … it’s like laying on dirty clothes.”

Someone in the video referenced the stretch marks on a woman’s stomach, calling them a “pack of noodles.”

The group of men went on to ridicule and trade animated but not-so-funny remarks about BBLs and the outcome of tummy tuck procedures and how they are performed.

“They pull it up, they pull it up, that n—- shit be stretched,” DC Young Fly said. “Whatever they do, they taking that shit and they pinning the skin back together.”

“They done went and put a booty hole in her stomach,” the Wild ’N Out star said in response to another speaker’s outlandish remarks.

One in 13,000 people die from complications of tummy tuck surgery, according to the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery.

People are not pleased with the crude commentary DC Young Fly participated in considering the loss of Jacky Oh due to plastic surgery and the physical changes most women experience as a result of childbirth. Social media users’ disdain and disgust was shared via an OnSite Instagram post.


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“Having this conversation while knowing your girlfriend, who carried and birthed your 3 children, was about to have a mommy makeover and to release said conversation after she passed away as a result of the surgery? Interesting choices ….”

“I literally talked about this in my last video. These men say stuff like this and wonder why women feel the need to do it.”

Tami Roman, the outspoken former Basketball Wives star, questioned the couth of the conversation, not to mention the repost.

“Who on this show thought this was a good idea to post AFTER her passing?” Roman asked.

The untimely death of Jacky Oh has been plagued with controversy. Days after the young mother’s passing, previous complaints against Jacky Oh’s alleged surgeon resurfaced and revealed claims of being “mutilated.” Then fellow Wild ‘N Out comedian B. Simone was accused of trying to “capitalize” on how she’s mourning the loss of Jacky Oh. And if that wasn’t enough to grapple with, Azealia Banks wilded out with a morbid message to DC Young Fly after Jacky Oh’s death.