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Small Business

Basketmate Funderdome

Brother-and-Sister Entrepreneurs Create Unique Laundry Basket

Najma and Yusuf  Jamaludeen are siblings that collaborated to create an innovative laundry product, BasketMate.…

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How Her Severance Package Funded Her Real Estate Dreams

She eventually became one of the top agents at the real estate firm and…

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Your Career

She Started a PR Agency with Absolutely No Contacts…And She Persisted

Black Enterprise caught up with the PR innovator, with no background in entertainment or contacts,…

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Kimora Hudosn

13-Year-Old Black Girl Becomes Youngest Student Accepted to the University of West Georgia

At just 13 years old, Kimora Hudson is the youngest student to be accepted and…

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How To

JavaScript Developer

How She Became a Full Stack JavaScript Developer In 5 Intensive Months

My biggest lesson learned was overcoming limitations I had put on myself regarding what I…

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Vetted Organizations and Charities You Can Donate To Help the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

The images and video from cities and towns battered by Hurricane Harvey are heartbreaking—families…

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Your Money

I Was An ID Theft Victim: Here’s What I Did Right (And Wrong)

It was bound to happen at some point: I became a victim of identity theft.…

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Angel Rich, CEO of WealthyLife (Image: Samira Rashid)

WealthyLife CEO Angel Rich Teaches You Finance Through Gamification

WealthyLife’s mission is to help reduce global poverty and create generational wealth through mobile app…

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Nurse Alice: Study Suggests Some Diabetic African Americans May Never Get Diagnosed

The number of diabetic African Americans may actually be higher accompanied with a delayed diagnosis…

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Stephen A. Smith on Kaepernick: ‘Stay the Hell Away From Me’

Smith, known for his fiery and often controversial commentary, was much more impassioned with his…

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