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Drive Time

Today's car can offer almost all the conveniences of home and work

Remember when power windows and steering were all the rage? “And power lock brakes,”…

By Sonia Alleyne


How To Boost You Portfolio’s Performance

With the bull market raging back, take these steps to keep your investments on track.

Have you ever wondered what separates successful investors from marginal ones or from those…

By Lynnette Khalfani-Cox


Getting Back On The Bull

Now That the Financial Markets Have Begun to Rally, Here Are Some Approaches That Will Pump Up Your Portfolio for 2004

This year has provided a lot of encouragement for investors. A bull market hoofed…

By James A. Anderson


Leading The Pack

From high technology to publishing, b.e.'s small business award winners are pushing their companies to new levels

Amid the lingering aftereffects of the recent recession, certain savvy business owners are emerging…

By Marcia Wade Talbert


Networking for Success

It takes more than just handing out business cards. These days, entrepreneurs must use every resource available to develop and maintain

It’s nearly 5:30 p.m. on a balmy tuesday night in Los Angeles, California, but…

By Wendy Harris


Life After Enron

Their lives thrown into turmoil by corporate scandal, the Chalk family is looking for solutions

After 15 years at enron, Wanda Chalk’s work as a human resources generalist had…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash


A Comfortable Retirement

The knights secured their financial future by going back to the basics

Theresa Knight and her husband, Johnnie, are proof that slow and steady wins the…

By Lisa Armstrong


Roll On

Davin enjoys just spinning your wheels

Chrome wheels that dressed up the Mustangs and GTO’s of the ’60s are…

By Linda S. Lawson


Revving In The Motor City

Michelle Sherman chauffeurs us through Detroit

For executives, this Midwestern business center (probably best known as the automotive capital)…

By Sonia Alleyne


On The Cuff

The art of finishing touches

ames E. McMillan shakes a lot of hands, closes major deals, and occasionally…

By Sonia Alleyne


Bead It!

For Johnna Snell, her hobby's a charm

As youth market director for the American Heart Association in Charlotte, North Carolina,…

By Pamela K. Johnson


Check, Please!

Q: I recently visited a nice restaurant with a friend. As we neared…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


The Public Library

Technology lets you browse the stacks from your home office

You can visit public libraries via your computer for access to e-books, databases,…

By Jennifer L. Smith


Turn Off The Lights!

Tips to reduce your home electricity bill

A typical household in the U.S. spends approximately $1,400 each year on energy…

By Raelyn C. Johnson


Shop Around

Getting estimates can save you a bundle

When Lamont Williams decided to renovate his Randallstown, Maryland, ranch house, he thought finding…

By Siobhan Leftwich


The Power Of The Group

Membership associations offer more than meets the eye

Most of us belong to some sort of shopping club or group, brandishing our…

By Shayna T. Bayard


Money Talks

Q: I am an African American woman who has been working the typical…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.


Just As You Are

A healthy self-acceptance is a meaningful trait to possess

“I’ve accepted my reality. I was meant to sound the way I do.
–Kathleen Battle

By Caroline Clarke


The New School

What to expect from today's M.B.A. program

This year, 1.2 million college graduates faced the grim reality that they had to…

By Kim Jack Riley


Take One Tablet

Q: I read a recent article in BLACK ENTERPRISE on Tablet PCs and…

By Dale Coachman


One-Button Backups

Creating a batch file is as easy as

You’re racing out the door, and you need to back up key files…

By Rebecca Frances Rohan



Webcasters reach tentative agreement with RIAA, DiMA

In early April, just days after Neil Blake launched a new subscription-based model of…

By Anthony Calypso


Virtual Money Chain

Company changes the rules of wire transfers through the Internet

Afaltering global economy is fueling the success of one technology firm. Atlanta-based iKobo Inc.…

By Tamara E. Holmes


License To Bill?

Q: I would like to start a business out of my home and…

By Alan Hughes


Fostering Urban Entrepreneurship

Winners of grant competition represent an array of businesses

Picked by a panel of judges from a pool of 140 applicants, the winners…

By Charlene Carter


Getting Stars To Shine

Dawn To Dusk Image Agency has an A-list clientele

When Halle Berry embarked on a European press junket to promote her role…

By Bridget McCrea


Biotech Balance

Mutual fund diversification lets investors temper biotech's risk

There is a peculiar split down the middle of the health sciences industry. On…

By James A. Anderson


Long-Term Technology

Anthony K. Johnson of the Philadelphia employee retirement system has stayed with technology since the bubble

In 1999, when technology stocks were at their peak, the managers for the city…

By Nicole Lewis


Race-Conscious Agenda

Poll shows most African Americans want affirmative action reform

On June 23, while Supreme Court Justices concluded to favor the University of…

By Marcia Wade Talbert


Hit Discriminators Where It Hurts

African Americans must use their vast spending power to make change

African American consumers are a powerful force in the U.S. economy. Based on…

By Darrell Williams


Staying Power

A Philadelphia principal is grounded in his inner-city roots

Salome Thomas-El did not discover his calling alone. It’s no wonder that he commits…

By Jennifer L. Smith


If At First You Don’t Succeed …

These enterprising women found their calling with children

Over the years, Linda A. Banks and Terri Michele tried many different business…

By Zakiyyah El-Amin


What’s In A Name?

Often overlooked, choosing the right business moniker is key

When Coca-Cola first began distributing its soda product in China, the company’s marketing staff…

By Marcia Wade Talbert


About Penny Stocks

Q: What do you think about penny stocks? And what is a good…

By Matthew S. Scott


Management Makes A Difference

Bill Thomason managed his way to outstanding gains

Hedge fund manager Bill Thomason, CEO of Thomason Capital Management in Oakland, California,…

By Sakina P. Spruell


Of Marriage And Money

Make sure you and your spouse are in agreement about finances before you get married

When high school friends Tischelle George and Idris Abdul-Zahir began dating in 1999, they…

By Naeemah Khabir


Mixed Fate For Black Law Firms

A dozen firms gained prominence in the high stakes of corporate law in the '90s. Where are they now?

What a difference a decade makes. In our August 1993 issue, BLACK ENTERPRISE spotlighted…

By Cliff Hocker


Russell Simmons Debuts New Clothing Line

Russell Simmons is making another foray into the clothing business. His new collections…

By Carolyn M. Brown